Beware of Insurance Companies If Injured In A Car Wreck

Car wrecks are unexpected events that alter the course of your life. In the aftermath, you might want to call your insurance company and accept a quick settlement. But that may not be right for you. Your car wreck injuries might not heal quickly and you may face mounting bills if you are delayed returning to work. If you don’t know what’s going to happen in the long term, don’t finalize any claim without legal assistance from a car wreck lawyer.

Attorneys at Levine Benjamin practice exclusively in the areas of personal injury, disability claims and other areas where vulnerable individuals need assistance. We are trained lawyers who have a professional and personal commitment to support and advance the cause of our clients. Working on your behalf, we bring balance to a system where everyday people often feel they are at the mercy of big insurance companies.


You show good faith to your insurance company by paying premiums regularly and on time. While you may assume the insurance company will show you the same good faith, the truth is that your insurer is not your friend. Individual assessors may care for your well-being, but ultimately, they will use their advanced knowledge to get the most for their employer out of your insurance contract. That means not always paying you what you are entitled after a car wreck.

Your company will insist you sign papers before paying out a claim. While this may give you access to cash, it probably also shields the insurer from further liability. Once you take money, you may not be able to get any more, even if your injuries don’t get better. If you think this is unfair, you are right. But you can help prevent some of this unfairness by getting help from a lawyer. Before you talk to an insurance company, you need to understand your options. You also have every right to get advice about what is best for you.


Lawyers are trained in insurance law, which is not just a matter of contract. Michigan state legislation and past cases also influence how the law applies to your case. Without legal knowledge, you may not be aware of your rights and responsibilities after a car wreck. Your insurance company, however, knows the law. It will work within its rights to settle your claim quickly and prevent you from getting more money if your circumstances change or fail to improve.


It is never easy recovering from car wreck injuries. Everyone’s circumstances are unique. That goes for your home life, your ability to go back to work, and your medical treatment. But you may have to undergo therapy, take medications, purchase special equipment or make modifications to your home or car. Even if your prognosis is excellent, it can still take many months for you to get back on track and bills can pile up. Depending on what your circumstances require, a lawyer can help you get compensation for pain and suffering, medical care, prescription medications, lost wages, medical equipment and caregiver services.


A car wreck attorney, unlike an insurer, works on behalf of injured people to advance their best interests. At Levine Benjamin, it is our job to protect you and get you an appropriate settlement. As soon as you are able, call us — not the insurer — to discuss what happened. Together we will work to help you achieve the outcome you deserve.


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