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Workers’ Comp Benefits For Manufacturing Workers

If you work in manufacturing, you have reason for optimism. The manufacturing industry is growing in America. Cheap natural gas and stable wages are helping create jobs. But you’re probably well aware this type of work also comes with risks. Manufacturing has higher injury rates for workers than construction or mining. That’s why it’s important

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Workers’ Compensation: Applying For Coverage 101

A job-related injury or illness stops you from working. You’re worried about paying medical bills and supporting yourself and your family after the loss of income. This is why workers’ compensation insurance exists. You start your application by immediately informing your employer. If your employer doesn’t put in the necessary forms to initiate your claim,

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Workers’ Comp Benefits For Restaurant Workers

Working in a restaurant can be physically demanding. You might be cooking in a hot kitchen, carrying trays of food, moving tables and rushing about during peak times. The conditions are ripe for injury. If you work in a restaurant and get hurt on the job, you need to know what benefits are available to

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Understanding Workers’ Comp Form WC-104A

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