Helping People in Detroit Win Social Security Disability Benefits

If you can’t work due to a physical or mental condition, we’ll work with you  to help you win the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve. No matter if this is your first time applying for disability benefits in Detroit or if you were already denied, we’re here to help. Our disability attorneys can guide you through the disability process from beginning to end – we’re with you every step of the way.

Our disability attorneys in Detroit work hard to gather all your medical evidence and present it to the Social Security Administration with the goal of winning your disability claim. We’ve helped people across Michigan win Social Security Disability benefits for over 45 years.

Don’t Risk Going to Your Hearing Alone

 If Social Security has notified you of an upcoming hearing, you must make sure your case is 100% prepared to be presented to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Any mistakes in your evidence can you’re your case and may mean you’re denied the benefits you need. Don’t risk it! Instead of taking a chance with such an important part of your livelihood, trust the disability lawyers at Levine Benjamin.

If you’re in Detroit, we’ll help you prepare for your hearing and put all of your evidence together. We’ll make sure to present your case to the ALJ in a convincing manner. Social Security’s own statistic show that working with a lawyer gives you a better chance to win disability benefits.

Call the disability attorneys at Levine Benjamin in Detroit today. Disability law is all we do and we want to help you get the benefits you’re entitled to. For free consultation of your claim call us toll-free at (888) 309.9597.

How do I get to your office from Downtown Detroit?
  1. Head east on Cadillac Square towards Bates St.
  2. Take the 2nd right onto Randolph St
  3. Turn right onto Jefferson Ave
  4. Continue to follow M-10 N for 19 miles
  5. Turn right onto Northwestern Service Dr
  6. Continue for 1/2 mile
  7. Turn left into the Galleria Officentre, our office is on the left.

Approved Disability Claim


Our experienced Disability Attorneys will help you:

  • File an application
  • Prepare for your hearing
  • Appeal your denial
  • Win your case

There is no fees unless you win, so contact us today to start your case.