Detroit Medicare Insurance Advisors

If You Win Disability Benefits, Find a Medicare Health Plan That’s Best for You

detroit medicare insurance advisorsIf your case for Social Security Disability benefits was approved, you’re also eligible for Medicare. With all the changes happening to Medicare and confusion with the Affordable Care Act, there is no better time to have a person you can trust looking out for you.

But don’t just take the first Medicare Health Plan you see. Some of the plans don’t include prescription costs and other costs that can leave you to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

At Levine Benjamin, we can help you find a Medicare Health Plan that best fits your needs. It’s possible we can find you a plan that gives you additional benefits like vision coverage, a gym membership, transportation, hearing aid coverage and more.

Most Medicare Health Plans are targeted to people ages 65 and over so it’s possible you may not know anything about Medicare. That’s where we come in. Levine Benjamin Insurance Advisors can help sign you up on a Medicare Health Plan that’s best suited for your medical conditions.

These Medicare Health Plans are available to you at little to no additional costs, above what is paid for original Medicare.

For further information about Medicare Health Plans, call Kaia Edwards at 888.669.3193 or email us today.

Whether you need help with your Social Security Disability benefits or with a Medicare Health Plan, at Levine Benjamin we’re with you at every step of the way. Contact us today.