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When You’re Hurt At Work.

An on-the-job injury or illness may qualify you for Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, the Workers’ Compensation system is very complex so you are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Immediately report your injury or illness to your employer.
  2. Immediately contact an experienced law firm like Levine Benjamin.

An experienced law firm like Levine Benjamin will help ensure the necessary evidence is submitted for claim allowance and that all your rights are protected.

What Health Services are Covered?

If your claim is accepted, the Workers’ Compensation system will pay for all approved medical care, including your doctor, hospital, surgical, pharmacy and other health care services. Medical care must be diagnostic, curative or rehabilitative to be considered. These services are provided until your work-related injury has stabilized and reached a point where further recovery is not expected.

Levine Benjamin can help you with your Workers' Compensation case.

The attorneys at Levine Benjamin can help explain to you the medical care to which you are entitled.

You are Entitled to Lost Wages.

If you cannot work due to your job-related injury or illness, you are entitled to lost wages, known as "time-loss compensation."

The amount of your time-loss benefit check is 60 to 75 percent of your total wages and certain benefits, depending on your marital status and number of dependent children you have when you are injured. If you are able to work, but your earning capacity has been reduced, you are entitled to "loss of earning power" benefits. Wage loss benefits must be calculated using a complicated formula. Your receipt of other government benefits (such as Social Security) will also affect the amount of lost wages.

Check with Levine Benjamin First!

Our attorneys will help you with your Workers’ Compensation claim. If you’re already on Workers’ Compensation, we’ll make sure:

  • You were sent to see a medical specialist
  • Your weekly checks are the right amount
  • Your prescriptions are being paid for
  • Your mileage is covered

INSTRUCTIONS: Take your highest 39 paid weeks in the 52 weeks prior to your injury and add them together. Divide this total amount by 39 to find your average weekly wage.

2017 Wage Loss Benefits Calculator

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NOTE: This calculator is only an estimate. Please call us for help with your Workers’ Compensation case.

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