Social Security Disability for Autism in Detroit

For every individual, autism looks different. A child or adult can land at any point along a wide autism spectrum. Some lead highly functional lives with the right support. Others are not able to function well enough to work or handle other daily tasks.

If someone you love lives with autism—affecting how they relate to other people, how they communicate and other basic functions of life—monthly Social Security disability checks could be a tremendous help.

Social Security disability isn’t just for physical impairments. It also covers mental illness and intellectual disorders.

But because of its complex nature, autism can be tough to use as a basis for winning benefits. People often lack the kind of medical treatment record they need to qualify.

You may need help from a disability lawyer.

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2 Social Security Disability Programs

Two separate Social Security programs help people with disabilities, including autism.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is designed for workers to receive benefits when they suffer a disability before retirement age. To qualify for SSDI, you must have earned a sufficient number of work credits over a period of years that depends on your age.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program that doesn’t require you to have earned credits. Instead, your income and assets must fall below limits set by the program. Children can qualify for SSI.

Both programs require medical documentation of your disability, or your child’s or loved one’s disability.

That documentation is key to your case.

Qualifying for Autism Disability Benefits

Not everyone with autism will qualify for disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA), the agency responsible for administering Social Security disability benefits programs, evaluates children and adults with autism differently.

  • Adults with Autism: If you’re applying for yourself or for another adult, you’ll need to show through medical evidence and documentation that autism makes it impossible to continue working in any occupation for which you’re otherwise qualified, based on your job experience, education and training.
  • Children with Autism: If you think your child under 18 may qualify for disability benefits for autism, you’ll need to provide documentation showing that autism significantly limits your child’s ability to function, including focusing, completing tasks and moving objects.

For adults and children alike, submitting medical records is an extremely important part of the Social Security disability application process. Applications must be as detailed and thorough as possible.

But if you don’t have all of the dates and treatment details for your application, it’s okay to estimate that information. You’ll be able to sign a form giving the SSA permission to obtain copies of your medical records directly from providers.

Get Help Winning Disability Benefits for Autism

The application process for SSD benefits is not simple or fast, but it’s possible to qualify with a documented diagnosis of autism.

Your benefits claim has the best chance of approval when you submit objective, detailed, complete and accurate information to the SSA.

You can ensure that by working with a Social Security disability attorney from Levine Benjamin Law Firm.

You’re more likely to win disability income when you have professional representation, according to past statistics from the SSA.

At Levine Benjamin, we’ve helped more than 50,000 people with all kinds of mental and physical disabilities win benefits.

We know how to navigate the system. And we understand the challenges of autism

If you or someone you love is unable to work because of autism, we’ll evaluate your case for free.

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