Social Security Disability for Ischemic Heart Disease in Detroit

If you suffer from ischemic heart disease, you might experience chest discomfort or pain and difficulty breathing.

The disease also can lead to congestive heart failure.

You should know you don’t have to wait for something serious to happen, though, before you can receive disability benefits.

When ischemic heart disease, often called coronary heart disease, keeps you from working, you can qualify for monthly payments from Social Security disability.

That income can be crucial for keeping you afloat while you focus on your health. But it’s not easy to get. Most people get denied. An attorney can help you apply for benefits or appeal a denial.

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Qualifying for Disability Benefits with Ischemic Heart Disease

When you look at a condition like congestive heart failure, the benefits process is relatively straightforward.

When you have congestive heart failure, if you exhibit certain symptoms and you can’t perform everyday tasks, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will likely see a clear-cut case for disability benefits.

Ischemic heart disease, on the other hand, is complicated. You could face an uphill climb to win benefits.

In addition to showing symptoms related to ischemic heart disease, you’ll need to show abnormal results on a stress test.

You’ll also have to show proof of at least three ischemic episodes occurring within a 12-month period.

No matter what, you must have medical evidence to prove your condition is serious enough to stop you from working.

Even if you can’t meet all of these requirements, though, there still are ways you could qualify for disability benefits.

Ischemic heart disease could be just one part of a bigger medical picture that keeps you from working.

The SSA may grant you a medical vocational allowance not tied specifically to your ischemic heart disease diagnosis but based on your overall health and inability to work.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

When you apply for benefits, you’ll want your doctor to vouch for the fact that you cannot work.

Because ischemic heart disease is a potential precursor to congestive heart failure, many doctors will do this for you. They want you to be able to rest so your condition doesn’t worsen.

Your best move may be to discuss your situation with a Social Security disability attorney.

Disability attorneys generally don’t charge a fee until you win benefits. And Social Security has its own complicated legal system that you’ll need to work within.

It can be time-consuming and exhausting to apply for benefits without help. The results can be disappointing.

Experienced legal professionals have been through the cycle of applying for benefits—and appealing denied benefits—many times. They know how to navigate the system to get you the best chance of success.

Other Issues Related to Ischemic Heart Disease

Even if you don’t qualify for ischemic heart disease benefits, the disease can fall under other qualifying conditions.

Beyond congestive heart failure, many people with ischemic heart disease receive SSD benefits after suffering a stroke.

A recent study discovered cystic fibrosis treatment could result in ischemic heart disease.

More research might be needed in this area, but cystic fibrosis often presents a clear case for Social Security disability benefits.

Complications arising from cystic fibrosis can even be grounds for automatic approval of SSD benefits.

Another problem is silent ischemia. Shockingly, the first sign of this condition is often a heart attack.

Given all the related qualifying conditions and potential complications from ischemic heart disease, you could be entitled to disability benefits.

Get Help Winning Disability Benefits with Ischemic Heart Disease

One important thing to remember: When filing for benefits, having representation increases your odds of receiving assistance, according to statistics from the SSA.

At Levine Benjamin Law Firm, our attorneys have decades of experience helping people just like you win disability benefits for physical and mental conditions—we’ve helped more than 50,000 people since 1964.

If you’re suffering from ischemic heart disease, congestive heart failure or any condition that prevents you from working, contact Levine Benjamin today for help.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.