How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Disability Attorney in Detroit?

It’s absolutely normal to have money worries when you’re too sick or injured to work.

You’re no longer bringing in the paycheck you relied on for years. You medical bills are higher than ever, thanks to your illness or injury. Your checking account is racing to zero, fast, if it hasn’t gotten there already.

Now you’re looking into Social Security disability benefits, learning about how complicated it is to apply and discovering that you need a disability attorney to give yourself the best chance of winning benefits—and bringing stability back to your life.

But how are you supposed to pay for a lawyer during this crisis, when your credit cards are maxed out, your bank account is suffering, and you’re just trying to feed your family?

Don’t worry.

Social Security disability comes with special rules for attorney fees, guaranteeing that you won’t pay anything out of pocket for your attorney’s services.

The Levine Benjamin Law Firm has been proud to help families coping with health and financial worries in Detroit, Toledo, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and all across Michigan since 1964.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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Special Rules Helping You Pay for a Disability Attorney

The government makes it hard to apply for and win disability benefits, but at least they make it easy to get help from an attorney.

These billing rules apply to all Social Security disability lawyers:

  • No Up-Front Fees: You never pay for a disability lawyer up front. If you speak with a lawyer who says they need a retainer fee to work on your disability claim, you need to run away—fast—because he or she is breaking the law.
  • No Fees Until You Win: Your disability attorney must work on your claim for free until you win benefits. Some attorneys will not help you until you’ve already applied and been denied. They don’t want to spend time filling out all the forms for initial applications and chasing down your medical and work records. Levine Benjamin is different. We’re your attorneys, your advocates and your support system. That’s why we say, “From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.”
  • No Deductions from Your Checks: Even when you pay an attorney’s fee after you win benefits, there are limits on how your attorney can collect their fee. Social Security requires attorney pay to come out of your back benefits, which are the benefits you should have been receiving all along while you were waiting on your claim. That means you won’t pay anything out of your monthly checks going forward.
  • Limits on Attorney Fees: Social Security also caps the amount your attorney can receive from your back benefits at 25%. And that only applies until 25% of your back benefits amount to $6,000. Your attorney cannot charge more than the absolute limit of $6,000 out of your back benefits. Remember, you’ll only pay your attorney out of the lump sum amount that Social Security initially gives you for back pay once you’re finally awarded benefits.


Getting Help with Your Disability Claim is Low Risk

Most people who apply for disability are denied on the first attempt. Then they must go through an appeals process that includes explaining to a judge why their health problems make working impossible.

Talk about intimidating.

But government reports say your chances of being awarded benefits are almost three times higher if you have a representative like an attorney.

When you choose to work with the Levine Benjamin Law Firm on your claim, we help you from the very beginning, to relieve the stress of filing for disability benefits.

And because you pay no fee until you win, and your chances of winning are better, working with an attorney is low-risk for you.

You could join the 50,000 other people we’ve helped win benefits.