Local Michigan Disability Lawyer Versus a National Lawyer

Why it Makes a Difference to Work with a Local Disability Lawyer


When you’re too sick to work, you’re under stress.

How am I going to pay my bills if I can’t hold a job? What about my medical expenses? Every decision, every day, feels heavy. And asking for the help you need feels highly personal.

You know Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could make your life better. They’re meant for people in your exact situation—to provide financial security and a way to move forward.

But winning benefits is also stressful. An experienced disability lawyer can give you the best chance to win.

But can you trust just any lawyer with something so personal and important to your future?

Do you get a local lawyer near you in Michigan or Ohio? Or is it better to get the biggest national firm you can find?

Since 1964, Levine Benjamin has been proud to help families coping with health and financial worries in Detroit, Toledo, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and every community in between.

We’ve seen—thousands of times—why it’s best to go local.

For all the reasons why, keep reading below.

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3 Reasons It’s Better to Have a Local Disability Lawyer

No. 1: Local Lawyers Know the System Near You

Social Security operates its own legal system, filled with rules and regulations that can baffle outsiders.

Across states, the regulations and procedures can be slightly different. Approval rates from disability judges in different locations can vary. Some are tougher than others. Wait times for benefits can also change from place to place.

With national firms, you might have a lawyer show up just once to help you handle your case, dropping in from out of state. They may not understand the local conditions.

A local lawyer will know what the system looks like and how to win in your home area.

No. 2: We Know the People in Your Local Social Security Offices.

This is doubly important. A national lawyer won’t know the local Social Security officials, including their tendencies to approve or deny claims, which can be a hurdle in winning the benefits you deserve.

The truth is that winning is hard. Most people are denied on their first attempt. Not having regular experience with the local officials and administrative law judges (ALJs) can make a tough situation worse.

But getting an attorney with that experience can be to your advantage.

No. 3: We’ll Take the Time to Get to Know You.

For many national firms, you’re just a case file that they’re churning through the system, trying to juice their revenue as high as it can go. Not with us.

We’re proud to meet every single client that walks through our door. We want to get to know you, so we can best represent you, whether that’s starting with your initial application or helping you appeal a denial.

While some lawyers only meet you in person on the day of your hearing, we make sure to see you beforehand and help you get as comfortable as possible with talking to the judge.

Remember, this is personal. To us, you’re our neighbor. We want the best for people in our community.

A national law firm can’t say that.


So Don’t Take a Chance with a National Law Firm.

Remember: This is one of the most important decisions you can make.

If you’re hiring a national firm, you’re risking a situation where you’re not treated with the dignity and respect you deserve. You don’t want a lawyer who meets you on the day of the appeals hearing after stepping off a plane.

When your financial future is at stake, stay local, to make this experience as easy as possible—and give yourself the best chance to win benefits.

If you’re in Michigan or Ohio and need local, personal help winning the benefits you need, call Levine Benjamin today to get started.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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