LTD Policy for Business Owners vs. Workers

You may have a great working relationship with your manager, but after suffering an injury that will keep you from working, you could quickly be at odds. This is because you may be eligible for long-term disability (LTD) benefits, and in many cases, these benefits are provided through your company’s insurer. But your interests will differ significantly from your employer’s. Understanding the system could ward off the dreaded “LTD Benefits Denied” letter.


If a disability leaves you unable to work, your needs are simple to understand. It’s obviously in your best interest to receive LTD benefits to replace your paycheck.

Your employer’s interests, however, may not be so easy to discern. When you’re applying for benefits or your LTD benefits are terminated, the insurance company will attempt to pay as little as possible. Unfortunately, your employer has the same goal.

Every time a company’s LTD insurer has to pay out benefits, there’s a chance that the employer’s insurance rates could go up. They obviously don’t want this, so they may fight to prevent you from getting the benefits you deserve.

This is why many people use LTD benefits lawyers. Without one, it’s essentially you facing off against your employer and an insurance company.


To prevent a claim from being made or to get LTD benefits terminated, your employer may say that your disability isn’t covered through the policy. You should always take this with a grain of salt.

Instead of simply accepting what the business or their insurer tells you, speak with an LTD attorney. All LTD plans are unique, so having an experienced professional look over the policy is essential.

You should note that, even though all the policies are different, they typically share similar language as to what constitutes a disability. If an illness, injury or other disability is preventing you from performing your job, you’re most likely eligible. You may even receive partial benefits if you have to cut back to part-time.

Never forget, though, that LTD policy providers are trying to save money. They could do this by denying your initial claim or even terminating your benefits after you start receiving them. This is why it never hurts to have an LTD attorney at your side.


While you can’t control what your employer does to put their interests above yours, there are a few things that can greatly increase your chance of success.

To start, make sure not to overlook gathering the medical documentation that proves your injury will keep you out of work. While that seems pretty basic, keep in mind that LTD policy providers will always look for an opening to issue a denial.

You’ll also want to be careful when talking to your employer or the insurance company.

They’re going to jump at the chance to use your own words against you in a denial or termination of benefits. This is why it’s best to have your LTD benefits lawyer communicate directly with the company. Finally, make sure you never miss a filing deadline and that you always continue the treatment your doctor prescribes.

Whether or not you’re eligible for benefits means little to your employer once they realize they’ll get hit in the wallet. Even if you’re self-employed and have your own policy, you could face obstacles. You need someone looking out for your interests.

The attorneys at Levine Benjamin can help you with LTD benefits. You may even be eligible for reimbursement of lost time, medical care and prescription costs you had to cover after an unfair denial. Call us today for an in-depth case review.


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