Should I Settle My Car Wreck Case?

After becoming the victim in a car wreck, you likely have many questions that need answers. One of the most common questions is whether you should accept a car wreck settlement from an insurance company. You probably have bills piling up, so taking a quick payment from an insurance adjuster might seem like the right answer. In many cases, though, this can do more harm than good.


If you’re involved in a car wreck, you’ll soon be talking to a claims adjuster. This is true even if you weren’t injured. This individual is the one who will negotiate your settlement on behalf of the insurer. And while insurance adjusters will try their best to sound friendly over the phone, you must never forget that they are working directly for the car insurance company – not for you.

Claims adjusters are given a dollar range they can offer to settle your car wreck injuries claim. Like in any negotiation, though, they probably won’t offer a fair settlement immediately. This is why many people contact a car wreck attorney for assistance. The adjuster’s job is to settle for as little as possible, but with legal help, you have a better chance at fair compensation.


There are some instances when it may not hurt for you to negotiate a settlement on your own. If you experienced any injuries or medical bills related to the crash, however, you should speak with a car wreck lawyer first. In fact, you should avoid talking to an adjuster at all before consulting an attorney. Otherwise, you may end up walking away with pennies on the dollar.

The insurance company is hoping you’ll take a quick settlement just to get money for your mounting bills. Unfortunately, this is often only a temporary fix. When a claims adjuster offers you a settlement, they’re unconcerned with the future bills you may accrue related to your injury. They want you to agree to a payment, sign their paperwork, and disappear before you realize how much your injury is actually worth.

Do not say or sign anything before talking to an attorney at Levine Benjamin first. You may fall victim to many of the following circumstances that will result in additional bills.


If you’re taken to a hospital after suffering a car wreck injury, doctors will do everything they can to send you home healthy. In many cases, though, this will only be the first of many visits. Even if claims adjusters promise a settlement that covers all of your current medical bills, what happens when future bills arise related to a chronic injury?

A shattered bone, for instance, won’t just require a cast or surgery. There’s a good chance you could end up needing physical therapy in the following months. Similarly, a whiplash injury can result in long-term conditions, such as depression and chronic migraines. Like these, the full extent of car wreck injuries is rarely obvious in the days following the incident.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly when insurance companies are trying to offer a settlement. Don’t fall for their tactics. Contact Levine Benjamin today for help making the right decision. You deserve compensation for pain and suffering, medical care, prescriptions and much more. Unlike insurance adjusters, we want to make sure you receive everything you deserve.


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