Understanding Workers’ Comp Form WC-117

If you’ve been injured on the job in Michigan, it’s likely that you qualify for injured workers benefits. Once you start the process of applying for benefits – or even if you’ve already been denied – Workers’ Comp Form WC-117 is something you have or will come across. Unfortunately, having to fill this form out means your employer is probably fighting your claim. A Workers’ Comp lawyer can certainly help in this matter, but it’s first essential to understand what Form WC-117 means to you.


Getting hurt on the job benefits no one – neither you nor your employer. You’ll end up out of work, and your employer’s Workers’ Comp insurance rates may go up. This is why some business owners will fight back against a claim. When you report your injury, the employer should immediately file form WC-100, also known as the Employer’s Basic Report of Injury.

If your employer refuses to do this, though, you can file the WC-117 on your own. This is the Employee’s Report of Claim. This will be your first step to receiving injured worker benefits. If you’re filing this claim yourself, though, it means the employer – and likely their insurance company – will fight to stop you from getting the benefits you deserve.

The Workers’ Comp attorneys at Levine Benjamin have seen these dishonest tactics. The insurance company isn’t focused on doing what’s right for you; they’re focused on saving money. Contact us today and we may be able to improve your odds of a successful claim.


The most important thing to remember when filing for hurt-on-the-job benefits is to never give up. Many people are initially denied benefits only to have their requests approved upon appeal. Your denial letter will explain exactly why benefits weren’t granted to you. These reasons could range from a lack of evidence to missing medical records.

You will have to appeal your denial through the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency, but if you’ve collected no additional information about your case, the outcome will likely be the same. This is why people benefit from using Workers’ Compensation attorneys. They can collect additional evidence on your case.

And even if you think you can do it on your own, remember that the insurance company will fight to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.


The most important thing to do after being injured at work is to report the incident to your employer. There are reporting deadlines in Michigan, and if you miss them, the insurance company will likely be able to deny you without much trouble. If your employer is dragging their feet, though, you must also recognize that there are filing deadlines with the state.

This means you’ll need to file the WC-117 as soon as you can. You don’t need a Workers’ Comp lawyer to do this, but you’ll certainly increase the likelihood of being initially approved if you have one. Additionally, attorneys at Levine Benjamin may be able to secure Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if your Workers’ Comp claim is denied for any reason.

The WC-117 might not be a complicated form, but if you’re having to fill one out, it means the deck is already stacked against you. Receiving fair injured worker benefits becomes much more difficult when fighting your employer and their insurer. Level the playing field by contacting Levine Benjamin today.


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