Why Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Wreck?

You were in a car collision. It left you with injuries and medical bills. You might be unable to return to work immediately. The loss of wages just compounds a bad situation.

It’s easy to get depressed and anxious: What if you never can return to work? How will you cover the cost of much needed medical care?

Working with a personal injury lawyer can reduce anxiety and help resolve your situation.

An experienced attorney makes sure you gather all the right evidence. Having an attorney by your side means you truly have someone representing your interests, not just the insurance company.


It’s not always enough just to file a claim with an insurance company, or tell a court you’re hurt and suffering after a car wreck.

To win a personal injury case, you have to present evidence and records to illustrate your injury.

Evidence might include medical records, police reports and witness or expert testimony about the accident, your injuries and property damage.

You might need evidence regardless of whether you go to trial with your case.

As often as 95 percent of the time, people settle personal injury cases out of court.

To compel an insurance company to give you a fair and appropriate settlement out of court, sometimes you have to show them you have enough evidence to be a threat in court.


Even the best insurance company with top notch customer service isn’t always looking out for your best interests.

While the people you talk to might genuinely want to help, they work for a company. The company comes with its own policies and its own bottom line, both of which can contradict what you need.

After a collision, an insurance company might try to low-ball a settlement.

They also could use information against you to argue your suffering is less serious than you are reporting.

For example, you have to be very careful how you use social media following a car crash, or during any personal injury case.

A comment on Facebook or a picture posted by a friend who tagged you seem innocent enough. But an insurance company’s attorneys could use them to try to disprove your claims.


The aftermath of a car wreck is an emotional and physical strain. The legal aftermath can add to a sensitive, complicated and stressful situation.

An attorney cuts your anxiety by taking care of the process for you. Your lawyer can even stand in for you during discussions with insurance companies and other parties.

The attorneys at Levine Benjamin also are experienced with Social Security Disability cases. So if your injuries will keep you from working for a long time, we can help you win benefits to stay financially afloat.

The lawyers at Levine Benjamin have worked with car crash victims for years. Call us if you’re hurt and need help.


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