Workers’ Comp Benefits For Manufacturing Workers

If you work in manufacturing, you have reason for optimism. The manufacturing industry is growing in America. Cheap natural gas and stable wages are helping create jobs.

But you’re probably well aware this type of work also comes with risks. Manufacturing has higher injury rates for workers than construction or mining.

That’s why it’s important for you to understand workers’ compensation. It exists to help you stay financially stable after a workplace injury puts you on the sidelines.

It’s not always easy to get benefits, however. If you face any of the struggles outlined in the information below, you may need a workers’ comp lawyer.


A lot of people think workers’ comp is a government program. It’s not.

If you’re hurt in your manufacturing job, it’s your employer’s insurance company you will be turning to for benefits.

The chief goal of an insurance company is to make money. If they’re facing numerous claims, they could raise your employer’s insurance rates. So your boss and your insurer could be motivated to keep fair compensation away from you.

In an industry like manufacturing, with high injury rates, insurers could be particularly sensitive about costs.

You could face these scenarios: Your employer acts as if your injury is less serious than it is. Or, the insurer outright denies your claim, looking to save money.

Don’t let them take advantage of you. If you’re denied benefits, getting a workers’ comp attorney increases your ability to fight back.


The most common type of injury in manufacturing is called “contact with an object.”

This could include anything from a tool falling on your head to getting your fingers trapped in a piece of machinery.

In the manufacturing industry, you also face dangers from overexertion, slips and falls, harmful substances and even repetitive motion injuries.

If you suffer any of these injuries at work, you’re entitled to workers’ comp benefits.

This is the case even if you bear some of the fault for the accident.

But employers and insurers will still find ways to deny you benefits.


The most important thing is to notify your manager as soon as you realize you’ve been injured. If you fail to do so, they may claim your injury occurred outside of work.

Once you report an injury to your employer, it’s their job to file an incident report with the appropriate paperwork to get the ball rolling on workers’ comp.

If they refuse to do this, you should immediately contact a workers’ comp attorney.

There are certain deadlines to receiving benefits, so you don’t want to take a “wait and see” approach in these situations

Even if your employer does file the appropriate paperwork, you could still be denied benefits.

If so, you will receive a letter explaining why. You have the right to appeal this denial, but going up against an insurance company alone is hard.

So if you’re denied, contact a workers’ comp lawyer immediately. With legal help, you could receive compensation for medical bills, prescriptions and even time-loss from when you were wrongfully denied.

At Levine Benjamin, our attorneys work for you – not the insurance company.

Without a workers’ comp lawyer, you may not get all the benefits you should.

We all know manufacturing can be dangerous, but workers’ comp is there to protect you from some of the risks.

Contact us today to get help winning the compensation you deserve.


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