Detroit Workers’ Compensation Doctors

If you’re in injured on the job, you have a right to medical treatment—and you don’t have to pay. Simple enough, right?

But getting hurt on the job means filing a workers’ compensation claim. That can make things complicated.

Workers’ comp affects what doctor you can see. You should see your own doctor as soon as you can. But at first, you’ll be sent to a doctor chosen by your company or their insurance carrier.

The doctor you see shapes your care, and their reports make a difference in the other workers’ comp benefits you receive, such as lost wages when you can’t work.

To get the maximum benefits under Michigan law, get help seeing a doctor who puts your needs first

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Which Workers’ Comp Doctor Can You See?

In Michigan, you usually have to start out under workers’ comp with a doctor approved by your employer.

According to the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency, your employer can choose your medical provider for the first 28 days of care after a reported workplace injury.

After 28 days, you’re allowed to change providers and get a doctor who’s most in touch with your needs.

You have to follow certain procedures to switch doctors, including notifying your employer.

Even after 28 days, depending on your workers’ comp plan, you might have to keep working with a different doctor if your first choice is not approved by the plan.

If your doctor isn’t approved, he or she might not be able to bill the plan for payment.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate workers’ comp medical services, so you get all the benefits you deserve.


Don’t wait to start your claim and see the Detroit workers' compensation doctors who are most in touch with your needs.

File your workers’ comp claim immediately to protect your rights later, even if you think your injuries are minor.

Don’t Wait to Start Your Claim

Anyone can suffer a workplace injury.

If you’re injured in an accident that occurs at work or while you’re performing a work function, you should report it and file a workers’ comp claim immediately.

Many people wait until pain or symptoms become an issue before they report an on-the-job injury. That can hurt your case.

Even if you think your injuries are minor, getting a claim on file can help you later.

Most people assume the first step of seeing a doctor is fast and easy. Surely, your employer wants you to see a medical provider and get well so you can return to work.

That might be the case, but it’s also true that many claims are denied on the first try.

If you face that situation, you should not give up.

Work with a workers’ comp attorney to get all the compensation available to you for medical care, prescriptions and lost wages.

Your employer and their insurance company have their own agenda—often to save money. Your lawyer works for you.

At Levine Benjamin, we have extensive experience helping clients through the maze of workers’ comp so they can get their medical bills covered.

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