How to fill out Detroit workers' compensation forms: When you face a lot of steps and forms to fill out, Levine Benjamin Law Firm gets you through the process.

When you face a lot of steps and forms, Levine Benjamin Law Firm gets you through the workers’ compensation process with confidence.

How to Fill Out Detroit Workers’ Compensation Forms

Getting hurt at work can derail your life. If you can’t work, bills pile up fast.

Checks for lost wages and coverage for your medical treatment would be a lifesaver.

Workers’ compensation potentially provides those things.

But your employer or their workers’ comp insurance company might not make it easy to obtain—or maintain—those benefits. You face a lot of steps and a lot of forms to fill out.

When this happens, an experienced lawyer can step in to manage your claim, so you can focus on your health.

At Levine Benjamin Law Firm, we can get you through this process.

Levine Benjamin has been helping people with health problems and financial worries in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and all across Michigan since 1964.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

What would you like to do?

How to fill out Detroit workers' compensation forms.

To give you the best chance at winning benefits, make sure to fill out your workers’ comp forms correctly and completely.

How to Fill Out Workers’ Comp Forms

Always interested in saving money, workers’ comp insurance companies will look for any excuse to deny or cut off your benefits.

Don’t give them any reasons. Make sure your application is:

  • Specific: Describe your workplace injury in as much detail as possible. Explain what happened to cause your injury or illness.
  • Complete: Include all the information the form asks about your employer, your medical treatment and more.
  • Accurate: Make sure your information is correct, so your claim doesn’t run into problems later.
  • Well Supported: Explain what witnesses you will call to talk about how your injury occurred.
  • Swift: Apply for benefits, or appeal a denial, as quickly as you can. The Michigan workers’ comp system also has deadlines you must meet. If you miss a deadline, you put your benefits at risk.

You don’t have to spend time struggling with forms. Call a lawyer first.

At Levine Benjamin, we don’t charge any attorney fee until you win benefits. And we evaluate your case for free.

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