How to Fill Out Workers’ Compensation Form WC-117 in Detroit

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If you’ve been injured on the job in Michigan, you should get all the workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to receive.

Checks for lost wages, coverage for medical treatment and resources to help you return to the workforce go a long way toward getting your life back on track after an accident or other trauma at work.

Once you start the process of applying for benefits, you might come across Michigan Workers’ Comp Form WC-117 (Employee’s Report of Claim).

If you’re filling out this form, it means your employer is probably fighting your claim. Employers are supposed to submit all the necessary paperwork to begin your benefits, but if they don’t, you can start yourself using this form.

An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can help.

Employee’s Report of Claim

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How to fill out workers' compensation Form WC-117 in Detroit: If your employer isn’t cooperating, you can start your claim yourself.

If your employer isn’t cooperating with starting your workers’ comp claim, you can file it yourself with Form WC-117.

What Is Workers’ Comp Form WC-117?

Getting hurt on the job benefits no one—neither you or your employer. You could end up out of work. Your employer’s workers’ comp insurance rates could go up.

This is why some business owners sometimes fight a claim. When you report your injury, your employer should immediately file Form WC-100 (Employer’s Basic Report of Injury), with the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency.

If your employer refuses to do this, though, you can file the WC-117 on your own.

This will be your first step toward receiving injured worker benefits. If you’re filing this claim yourself, though, it means your employer—and likely their insurance company—will try to stop you from getting the benefits you deserve.

The insurance company isn’t focused on doing what’s right for you; they’re focused on saving money.

Contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer at Levine Benjamin Law Firm today. We may be able to improve your odds of a successful claim.

How to Fill Out Form WC-117

You’ll need all of this information for Form WC-117:

  • The name and location of your employer
  • The date of your injury
  • Details of how the injury happened
  • Whether you reported your injury to your employer
  • The last day you worked
  • Whether you have returned to work
  • Whether you’re seeking payment for medical treatment

Make sure to give a detailed and complete description of your injury and how it affects your life.

And make sure to file Form WC-117 as soon as you can. The Michigan workers’ comp system has deadlines. If you miss them, the insurance company will have an easier time denying you.

Always report your injury to your employer immediately. And if your employer is dragging their feet on starting your claim, keep in mind that you’ll still need to meet filing deadlines with the state.

Getting denied workers’ comp benefits is stressful, but you can appeal and reverse the decision.

What if I Get Denied Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Even after submitting Form WC-117, many people are initially denied benefits.

Don’t give up. You can still appeal and receive workers’ compensation. (You’ll use Form WC-104A, “Application for Mediation or Hearing” when you appeal.)

Your denial letter will explain why you weren’t granted benefits. The reasons could range from a lack of evidence to missing medical records.

You’ll need to appeal your denial through the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency.

This is a crucial stage in your case. You need to collect additional information—otherwise, the outcome will likely be the same.

This is why you can benefit from working with a workers’ comp attorney. An attorney takes care of gathering additional evidence for you.

Even if you think you can do it on your own, remember that the insurance company has its own lawyers who will fight to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

How to fill out workers' compensation Form WC-117 in Detroit: Lighten your burden by getting a lawyer to help.

When you have to file your workers’ comp claim without the cooperation of your employer, lighten your burden by getting a lawyer to help.

Get Help with Form WC-117

You don’t have to have a lawyer to fill out Form WC-117 or help with the rest of your workers’ comp claim. On the surface, Form WC-117 seems simple.

But a lawyer can save you time and effort—and help you get the best chance of winning benefits. If you need to file WC-117, after all, it means your employer already isn’t cooperating.

Receiving fair injured worker benefits is much harder if you’re fighting both your employer and their insurer. Level the playing field by contacting Levine Benjamin today.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Levine Benjamin can help you with workers’ compensation claims or appeals—and with Social Security Disability applications and appeals if your health problems qualify you for that type of benefits.

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