Detroit Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Ages 35 to 44

If you’re between the ages of 35 and 44, you’re in the prime of your working life.

You’ve put in time at the entry level and worked your way up. Your wages have risen over the years. Outside work, you concentrate on friends, family, hobbies or other aspirations, such as owning your own business.

The last thing you expect is a work-related accident or illness that sidelines you with an injury and places you in need of workers’ compensation.

What happens to you, your family and your dreams if you’re still far from retirement but find yourself unable to work? Workers’ comp helps by providing checks for lost wages and paying for medical treatment.

And you should know that turning 40 can make a difference in the amount of the benefits you might receive.

An experienced workers’ comp attorney from Levine Benjamin Law Firm can help you navigate this process.

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How Age Matters for Your Claim

Age 40 marks a turning point for the settlement you might receive from workers’ comp.

If you’re injured severely enough to cause a permanent disability, you’ll file a workers’ comp claim, or maybe a lawsuit. The insurance carrier might agree to a settlement.

In deciding on a settlement offer, insurers apply a rating that includes your age.

They also look at your medical records, employment information and details of the accident that led to your injuries.

When you’re younger than 40, carriers might assume you’ll have time to heal, recover and eventually return to work. When you’re older than 40, they might decide you will need benefits for life.

But if you’re injured at a younger age and cannot recover, you still need a settlement that allows you to support yourself for many more years.

After all, you won’t be building retirement savings or other funds via work, if you can’t work.

A workers’ comp lawyer can help you negotiate the best settlement.

Detroit workers’ compensation benefits for ages 35 to 44: After you turn 40, insurance carriers could decide you will need more benefits.

After you turn 40, workers’ comp insurance carriers could decide you will need more benefits.

Help with Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp for ages 35 to 44 can be difficult to navigate because you’re right on the threshold of these age-based rate changes.

It’s tempting to trust the insurance company to do the right thing, but you should never put your future into the hands of a workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

They’ll try to save as much money as possible and limit payments to you using complex rules and ratings you might not be aware of.

Instead of trusting a profit-driven policy carrier to make decisions that are good for your future, get an attorney to protect your interests.

A lawyer who’s familiar with the ins and outs of the ratings and settlement process can ensure you receive the maximum available benefits.

At Levine Benjamin, we evaluate your case for FREE. We don’t charge a fee unless you win.

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