Detroit Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Ages 45 to 54

You’re not in your 30s anymore, but you’ve got many productive years ahead of you. Everything can come screeching to a halt, though, if you’re injured at work.

If you suffer a work-related injury, you probably can receive workers’ compensation benefits—providing checks for lost wages and paying for medical treatment.

If you’re between the ages of 45 and 54, however, you should know about a few special considerations for your age.

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Workers’ Compensation Issues for Ages 45 to 54

Technically, there shouldn’t be any difference in your workers’ comp claim because of your age. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen like this.

If you’ve been injured on the job, there’s a chance that your employer or their workers’ comp insurer will try to stop you from receiving injured benefits. This could have very little to do with your injury. In fact, it could be based completely on your age.

The problem is that workers between the ages of 45 and 54 often have higher workers’ comp claim costs, giving employers and insurance companies and incentive to reject these claims.

One study found that manufacturing workers in this age group have claims costing an average of more than 50% more than claims from people 25 to 35 years old.

Your age isn’t supposed to matter, but if you believe it has become a factor in denying your claim, you should seek help from a workers’ comp attorney immediately.

When you need Detroit workers’ compensation benefits for ages 45 to 54, you might have trouble with the insurance company because of the cost of your claim.

Workers’ comp insurance companies might give you trouble because of the cost of your claim when you’re between ages 45 and 54.

Why Employers Try to Avoid Costs

One reason workers’ comp costs can be higher if you’re between the ages of 45 and 54 is the length of recovery time you need compared with a younger person.

A former president of the American College of Sports Medicine pointed out that an injury as minor as a bruise can take much longer to heal once you reach the age of 40.

Of course, an insurance company will foot the bill, so why would your employer try to deny benefits?

It’s a matter of costs getting passed along to your employer.

If your employer’s insurance company has to pay a large claim, they’ll likely raise insurance premiums for the company. Even if your employer doesn’t try to stop you, the insurer might try to pay as little as possible.

Sometimes, this means they’ll unfairly deny your claim.

It’s smart to get a workers’ comp attorney who can fight back. Without one, you may not get all the benefits you should.

Your employer or their insurance might reject your workers’ comp claim because of the length of your recovery time.

Filing for Workers’Compensation

If you’re injured on the job, filing for workers’ comp benefits should be simple.

Unfortunately, it’s not always this way.

As soon as you realize you’re hurt, you should report the injury to your employer. They should send you to a doctor and file the appropriate paperwork for you.

But sometimes, they drag their feet. Or the insurance company slows down the process, or even denies your benefits outright.

Don’t give up. You can, and probably should, appeal.

If you’re between the ages of 45 and 54, and your employer or their insurance company are trying to deny or cut off your workers’ comp benefits, Levine Benjamin can help.

Securing benefits can be vital to your lifestyle and financial stability.

At Levine Benjamin, we evaluate your case for FREE. We only charge a fee when you win.

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