Brooke Jordan

When you need help dealing with the exhausting process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits or appealing a denial of benefits, Michigan disability lawyer Brooke Jordan can be your guide.

She lightens the burden of gathering the information you need, filling out the long forms, collecting medical evidence, building your argument for benefits and presenting your case in a hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge if necessary.

Disability benefits—with monthly checks and Medicare access—go a long way toward making your life easier when you can’t work because of health problems. As a disability attorney, Brooke is here to make navigating the system easier for you.

Her legal career stands out for her service to people and communities in the Detroit area. She now brings that dedication to Social Security Disability clients at Levine Benjamin Law Firm.

Levine Benjamin helps people all over Michigan: Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and more. We also help people in Ohio who need disability benefits. You pay no fee for your disability attorney until you win benefits.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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From applying to appealing, Levine Benjamin attorney Brooke Jordan will help you every step of the way.

Work with a Disability Lawyer Who Values Helping Others: Brooke Jordan

Your ability to work and your income have stopped. You’re struggling with medical conditions. But you’re up against a benefits system that denies most people who apply for help.

With your future financial stability on the line, you need help from someone who gives your case personal attention and care. You need a disability attorney whose values are in the right place.

Brooke Jordan uses her legal training and experience to benefit people and local communities. She was lead attorney for the Detroit Land Bank, supervising efforts of multiple city government departments and community groups to clean up blight, stabilize neighborhoods and improve the lives of residents.

She has been an assistant attorney general in both Michigan and Arizona.

In Arizona, she focused on support and legal rights for children. In Michigan, she focused on protecting consumers, fighting investment fraud and keeping large businesses accountable to people.

When you’re choosing a lawyer for your disability claim, choose an experienced lawyer who has shown her dedication to helping everyday people, a lawyer like Brooke Jordan.


Get an attorney dedicated to helping you when you need it the most—one like Levine Benjamin attorney Brooke Jordan

More about Disability Attorney Brooke Jordan

Before joining Levine Benjamin in 2023 to help people in need of Social Security Disability benefits, Detroit disability lawyer Brooke Jordan built extensive experience in multiple areas of the legal profession.

This is her educational background:

  • Bachelor of Arts—Michigan State University-James Madison College (graduated with High Honors)
  • Juris Doctor—Wayne State University Law School

She came to Levine Benjamin after working as a senior associate for another law firm, helping people with real estate matters such as buying and developing land.

Before starting her legal career, she was a tax consultant at Deloitte, a global accounting and business consulting firm.

And now you can get Brooke to apply her high-caliber legal background to your Social Security Disability case.

When you work with Brooke, or any Social Security Disability lawyer at Levine Benjamin, you can get started with a free consultation to get a better idea of what your disability claim will involve.

This could be your first step out of a tough time into a brighter tomorrow. Get in touch with us.

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