Don't give up. You can appeal your long-term disability insurance denial in Detroit.

Don’t give up. You can appeal your insurance company’s decision to deny your long-term disability benefits.

Appeal Long-Term Disability Insurance Denial in Michigan

You have long-term disability (LTD) coverage from your employer. Or you purchased your own LTD insurance policy. When health problems keep you from working, you have every right to expect your policy to be there for you.

Then you get denied.

Denial rates for disability claims have been rising in recent years. Insurance companies will look for any reason they can to turn you down. They might even conduct surveillance on you. But a denial doesn’t mean it’s over.

If your LTD claim was denied—or your benefits were cut off after you started receiving them—you can appeal the decision. Sometimes, you can even sue.

No matter where you are in the process, an attorney from Levine Benjamin Law Firm can help. Your policy is supposed to provide you with income in a crisis. Let’s make sure you get everything you deserve.

We’ve helped people win disability benefits in Toledo, Traverse City and across Michigan and Ohio since 1964.

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Don't let the insurance company take away your rights. You can appeal your long-term disability insurance denial in Detroit.

Don’t let the long-term disability insurance company take away your rights. Talk to a lawyer before you take a deal.

Can I Work with the Insurance Company?

Having LTD benefits terminated or denied isn’t something you should treat as a customer service issue you can resolve by talking to a manager.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They do it by minimizing how much they pay you.

If the insurance company expresses a willingness to work with you, be careful.

Watch out for the following traps in any documents they ask you to sign:

  • Arbitration clauses that bar you from suing if you’re unhappy with your settlement
  • Provisions saying you automatically accept the insurance company’s findings if you don’t respond by a certain time
  • Offers to partially settle your claim if you give up your right to further action
  • Lengthy claims or appeals processes that extend beyond the deadline to file a lawsuit
  • A suggestion that all you need to do to fight for your benefits is write a letter

Don’t mistakenly give up important rights. Talk to an LTD lawyer before you respond to anything from the insurance company.


When you need to appeal a long-term disability insurance denial, get a lawyer to review the fine print of your policy.

When Should I Talk to a Long-Term Disability Attorney?

The right time to talk to a long-term disability attorney is as soon as possible.

Your insurance company wrote the fine print of your policy—and will try to interpret it to their advantage. Unless you trust their word, you should bring your insurance documents to our office, where an experienced LTD attorney can review them.

Here are some key reasons to get an attorney:

  • Your lawyer may be able to identify provisions that require the insurance company to honor a claim they denied or terminated.
  • If you fail to follow the right legal procedures, you may forfeit the right to appeal a denial or have your benefits reinstated.
  • Having an attorney who knows what proof you must provide reduces the chances your claim will be denied for lack of documentation.
  • Working with an attorney can help you get your claim paid faster.

Even if your claim has been approved, you still may want to talk to an LTD attorney at certain times—such as to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefits available or to help navigate a return to working in a different capacity.

At Levine Benjamin, we evaluate your case for free. And there’s no fee until you win.

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