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First you get hit with a health crisis. That triggers a money crisis. Your medical bills are out of control. Your family’s future is on the line.

You shouldn’t be left to struggle alone.

If medical problems mean you can’t work, the attorneys at Levine Benjamin Law Firm understand what you’re going through. Health problems touch every family, including our own.

With the right benefits or settlements — Social Security Disability, long-term disability, personal injury and workers’ compensation — you can find balance in your life again.

Since 1964, Levine Benjamin Law Firm has been proud to help families coping with health and financial worries in Detroit, Toledo, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and all across Michigan.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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Lawyers for Working People

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Gary Bimberg:
If medical problems are keeping you from work, you need help from someone who understands what you’re going through.

Look, health problems can touch any family.

I’m Gary Bimberg.

Joe Houle:
And I’m Joe Houle. We’re attorneys at Levine Benjamin.

My father had an aggressive form of cancer.

Both of Gary’s parents eventually needed Social Security Disability benefits.

We come from working families.

My dad was a barber. Gary’s dad worked for a delivery service.

So we fight for working families who need help with Social Security Disability, long-term disability, workers’ comp or personal injury cases.

One of my proudest moments was helping my own parents win benefits.

Here are three reasons you and your family should hire a lawyer to help with your claim.

One: You’ve got enough to worry about with your health and all your bills.

We’ll handle your claim, so you can take care of your health.

Two: We’ll guide you by asking questions you might not have thought about.

We’ll help with your work records, your medical records and all the forms you have to fill out.

And three: Big insurance companies and government agencies have plenty of lawyers.

At Levine Benjamin, we’re proud to be lawyers for regular, working people.

So contact us today.

We start by evaluating your case for free.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

How We’re Different

When we say “every step of the way,” we mean it.

Most Social Security Disability law firms don’t help when you’re first applying for benefits. They tell you to file the application yourself and call them back when you’re denied.

We help from that first step — all the way to a federal court appeal if needed.

Putting together an application takes a lot of work: Preparing medical records and job records, then filling out lengthy forms. Getting it right can make all the difference to your case.

The attorneys at Levine Benjamin want to maximize your chances of winning benefits from the very beginning.

Using this approach, we’ve helped more than 50,000 people win benefits since 1964.

We bring the same values — putting you in the best position for success — whether your claim is for Social Security Disability, long-term disability, an auto accident, another kind of personal injury, or workers’ compensation.

Which Benefits Do You Need?

When you’re hurt or sick and it’s disrupting your livelihood and finances, you might have more than one case for benefits.

Calling on our four different practice areas, at Levine Benjamin, we look for every type of disability or injury income available to you.

We know this isn’t just about money — It’s about winning back your independence.

You can start by getting a free evaluation of your situation.

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Types of Benefits

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Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability

When you need Social Security Disability benefits, Levine Benjamin helps you at every step, starting with your first application.

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Long-Term Disability

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Long-Term Disability

Levine Benjamin lawyers know how to fight the tactics insurance companies use to deny your long-term disability benefits.

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Auto Accidents

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Auto Accidents

After you’re hurt in a car accident, Levine Benjamin lawyers fight for every form of compensation available to you, from personal injury to disability.

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Workers' Comp

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Workers' Comp

After you’re hurt on the job, maximize your employee benefits with help from a Levine Benjamin lawyer who knows Michigan’s workers’ comp system.

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Levine Benjamin Took the Work Off His Shoulders:

“They applied directly for my Social Security Disability claim on my behalf and took care of all of the necessary information needed to complete the application and made all of the necessary requests for additional information from my personal doctors. There was very little I had to do.”

Robert O.

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