If you’re struggling with health and financial problems in Lansing, the Lansing disability attorneys at Levine Benjamin Law Firm can help you regain financial control.

If you’re struggling with health and financial problems in Lansing, the local disability lawyers at Levine Benjamin Law Firm can help you regain financial control.

Disability Attorneys in Saginaw, MI

For Saginaw’s workers—whether in manufacturing, automotive, health care, agriculture, hospitality, retail sales or any other local industry—help is here if health problems have disrupted your work and income.

When you can’t work for the foreseeable future, Social Security Disability benefits provide monthly checks to keep you going—and access to Medicare health plans to manage your medical conditions.

Depending on your situation, you also may be able to receive other types of compensation to protect your financial security—and let you better enjoy your life.

The problem is these programs are hard to deal with.

Whether it’s the government or insurance companies, you may face attempts to deny or diminish your benefits.

The Levine Benjamin Law Firm has Saginaw Social Security Disability lawyers ready to help you through this process.

Our disability attorneys in Saginaw help with:

Sometimes an injury on the job, or an injury in a car accident, can also lead to a Social Security Disability claim. Or a long-lasting health problem can qualify you for Social Security Disability and long-term disability insurance benefits, if you have that kind of coverage.

Our disability lawyers have helped 80,000 people in the Saginaw-Bay City-Midland area, Flint and across Michigan.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

What Would You Like To Do

You and your case can benefit from the experience of the local disability attorneys at Levine Benjamin.

Why You Should Get a Saginaw Social Security Disability Lawyer

You may see ads from national law firms trying to reach people in Saginaw.

But when you live in Michigan, there are many reasons why you want to work with a Michigan disability lawyer:

  • We know how to work with health clinics and doctors in Saginaw.
  • We’re familiar with the Social Security offices that serve people in Saginaw.
  • We understand how major employers operate in Saginaw.
  • We know the long-term disability insurers that work in the Saginaw area.
  • We don’t view you as just another case on the assembly line. We see you as our Michigan neighbor.

Levine Benjamin has helped people in Saginaw for decades. Supporting people in our own communities is a major reason why we do this work.

You can start with us by having a conversation with a lawyer for free about your situation and the kind of help you need.


The disability attorneys at Levine Benjamin know the local legal system and the local resources available to you.

Applying for Disability Benefits from Social Security in Saginaw, Michigan

You just need financial help because you can’t work, not a lot of legwork and hurdles to clear.

But the reality is that applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Saginaw has multiple parts:

  • Gathering records of your medical treatment
  • Compiling details of your past jobs
  • Filling out application forms
  • Explaining to Social Security how your health problems limit your work
  • Double-checking your information to make sure it’s right

Some law firms will tell you to do all this work yourself, file your application with Social Security, and see how it goes.

They’ll say to call them back when you’re denied, and then they’ll consider helping with your claim. (More than three-quarters of first-time applicants are typically denied.)

The Saginaw Social Security Disability lawyers at Levine Benjamin think that’s too much to leave on you.

We’ll help from your very first disability application—helping gather the documents and fill out the forms.

That’s what we mean when we say, “we help you every step of the way.”

How to File Form HA-501-U5 in Detroit: Notifying Social Security that you want a disability hearing.

Judges for Social Security Disability in Saginaw Are Tough

If you’re denied Social Security Disability benefits, one of the most important steps to appealing your claim is talking with an administrative law judge (ALJ) in a disability hearing.

This could be your best chance to win benefits from Social Security in Saginaw. But it’s still a battle.

Government statistics in late 2021 showed:

  • You had to wait over NINE MONTHS to get a hearing in Michigan.
  • On average across Michigan, people WON BENEFITS AFTER DISABILITY HEARINGS 49% OF THE TIME.
  • For the Social Security hearing office in Flint, the APPROVAL RATE WAS 42%.
  • At the Lansing office, the APPROVAL RATE WAS 50%.
  • Mt. Pleasant had a 48% APPROVAL RATE.

Most of the time, more people get turned down than approved by Social Security in Saginaw.

It makes sense to get an experienced disability attorney in Saginaw to add reinforcement to your claim.

In fact, one government study found that your chances of being awarded benefits after a disability hearing improve almost three times if you bring a representative like a lawyer with you.

Levine Benjamin is the largest and most experienced law firm for Social Security Disability in Saginaw and all of Michigan.

And we’re on a mission to provide you the personal attention you deserve when you’re dealing with a benefits system that can feel cold and uncaring during one of the most difficult times in your life.

If you live in the Saginaw–Bay City–Midland area and you can’t work, get in touch with Levine Benjamin.

Let us help you find a path to better times.

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