Detroit Disability Lawyer Testimonials

Hear from real clients who got help from Levine Benjamin Law Firm when health problems led to money problems.

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“No words can explain how thankful I am for my attorney (Antwuan Hawkins). He is awesome in his job. I will recommend him to everyone. Thanks a lot for everything.”


“I was so confused and so worried. I didn’t know what to do until I met Levine Benjamin, who helped me out from the bottom to the top. Thank you very much for the outcome. I love it, and it’s a good Christmas gift!”


I highly recommend Levine Benjamin Law Firm. Their proactive and client-focused approach sets them apart. Our attorney spoke with us over the phone before we even officially signed on, offering valuable advice that led to our case being approved at the first step. Throughout the process, they were communicative, transparent, and incredibly effective. In a complex field like disability law, Levine Benjamin is a standout choice for representation. Thank you for making a challenging experience so much easier to navigate.

Tricia Guerrero on Google

“Good organization, very professional, I was very comfortable in conversing with the staff I was treated with lots of respect and dignity. When you’re dealing with people that are completely out of your element you can sometimes feel intimidated, everyone was kind, warm and thoughtful. I hope there’s never a need for a lawyer again, but if I have to have one, I put that number on speed dial. Thank you.”

Kv on Google

“The experience that I had was so fantastic it’s truly hard to put into words…my attorney and the entire staff are wonderful, and professional. They worked tirelessly through this horrible pandemic to make sure that my case was not held back. I want to thank everyone for everything that you have done for me…it will forever change my life. I definitely would recommend this Law Firm to anyone who needs help getting their SSD, SSI, or any other issue that they have.”

Nancy Hughes on Google

“Mr. Houle was very professional and understanding when it came to my claim. He always reached out to me when I had a concern, or a question about my case. Didn’t matter on what time of day, or what day it was. I am very satisfied with his work, and his firm.”

Raymond Plotts on Google

“Gary Bimberg and his staff helped me through what could have been an unpleasant experience. His staff is extraordinary. Thank you so much, I’m set for life. Great job. Highly recommend.”

Brian P.

“I hired Levine Benjamin to take on my Social Security disability claim case. Hiring them was the best decision I made. They were helpful in every way possible. They applied directly for my Social Security disability claim on my behalf and took care of all of the necessary information needed to complete the application and made all of the necessary requests for additional information from my personal doctors. There was very little I had to do. Being disabled, it’s nice to have this kind of assistance, especially with the disability I have that makes my life very stressful and makes my every day daily tasks a challenge to perform. I would recommend Levine Benjamin to any disabled persons in need of services for disability claims.”

Robert O.

“Gary started my case June 1, 2015, and Social Security had approved me in 14 weeks. Gary was very thorough and kept me abreast of all activity in my case. I’m living in Florida and have lots of family and friends in Michigan. I told them if they ever have the need to file, Levine Benjamin is the best. Kudos to you Gary Bimberg.”

Jan Kory

“Thank you so much! You are truly a credit to your profession and a godsend to your clients! I have never worked with another attorney who I have trusted more or felt that they truly wanted to help me more than you.”

Martha Ewald

“Dear Mr. Bimberg: I wanted to thank you and your assistants for your help with my Social Security disability claim. You were always professional and have compassion for your clients. I am forever grateful. Thanks again.


“I spoke with Gary when I called [He] explained my case. He got me connected with (my attorney). I interacted mainly with her assistant Amanda. They were all extremely helpful. I contacted them last minute and they were able to get my case together within a couple weeks. I was awarded a fully favorable decision. No complaints at all.”

Jessica A. on Yelp

Best decision I ever made was to retain Levine Benjamin when I applied for SSDI. Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly. Every single time I had a question, whether it was by email or voicemail, I got a response the same day. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing an attorney to help them deal with this process! Lorenzo has been doing this for years and he sure knows his business! Thank you SO much for making this process so much easier. You won’t be disappointed retaining this firm!”

Satisfied Client on Yelp

“After 10 years, 3 applications and 3 attorneys, Levine Benjamin was my last hope! I spoke to Joseph Houle about my concerns. I only had 30 days left of my insured date with the Social Security Administration. This meant Joe only had 30 DAYS to prove I was disabled! It was going to take a miracle, which Joe made happen! I was very impressed with him and his staff. My questions were all answered clearly and in layman’s terms by Joe’s staff and when I needed to speak to Joe he returned my call(s) promptly. I’ve referred many people to Levine Benjamin and will continue to do so!! Couldn’t be happier!”

Satisfied Client on Google

“I want to thank you for your assistance in making it possible for me to win my Social Security disability case. You were so well prepared and knowledgeable with every bit of detailed information…I am very grateful for your assistance and would not have been successful if it had not been for your expertise and hard work on my case. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who may need your services in the future.”

Satisfied Client

“I want to thank you for all the help you and your staff have been for the 19 months of trying to get disability. I can’t even imagine doing that alone and I am a big booster of your firm every chance I get.”

Satisfied Client

“Thank you for helping me. I gave up all hope on getting my Social Security and getting help. But you did it! I will tell everyone that Gary Bimberg and Levine Benjamin took care of me!

Satisfied Client

“I just wanted to personally thank you for all you did behind the scenes to help me with my SSD case. Losing one’s career to a debilitating disease takes a huge emotional and financial toll. Because of you, these burdens are lessened. Because of you, Lyme disease is becoming recognized for what it truly is: a serious, devastating disease. For this and more, I thank you.”

Satisfied Client

“Dear Gary and Joe: I wanted to thank you both for taking the time out of your busy schedules to visit our MI Lupus Foundation support groups this month! I have received some great feedback from the support group leaders as well as the attendees that the presentations were great and offered fantastic information. Thank you again.”

Name withheld by request

“Being ill and unable to work is a very stressful, emotional and difficult time. Levine Benjamin was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to go with this firm.

My experience with Joe Houle was always positive. He would take time to answer questions and always treated me respectfully and professionally. I want to really acknowledge (the Levine Benjamin attorney) who handled my administrative law hearing.

I have myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), plus some other co-morbid conditions which rendered me unable to work. CFS/ME is a very misunderstood disease and I really was impressed that (my attorney) took the time to really research my disease—and that meant the world to me. She was kind, compassionate, down-to-earth and made me feel at ease at my hearing. She also was on top of any potential issues and was patient with my questions and concerns.

To those who are complaining about things taking too long, or long gaps of silence, or attorneys being maybe brusque with them on the phone…First of all…the SSD process is long, drawn-out, and this is not the fault of your attorney. You will go through periods of time where you may not talk to them for MONTHS…Why? Because nothing is going on. They are waiting patiently just like you.

Secondly…you hire an attorney to win your case…not be your best buddy or therapist. Third…they are busy…you are not the ONLY case they are working on. That being said…thank you to Joseph Houle and (the Levine Benjamin) team for making a stressful, long, frustrating process less taxing so I could focus on my health and hopefully one day not needing to be on disability ”

Satisfied Client on Google

I will be forever grateful for the outstanding service I received from attorney Jason Steinhelper and his secretary Samantha. I know that without them, I would not have received a fully favorable decision and been awarded full back-pay. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Jason and Samantha could not have been kinder or more compassionate to me. They always took my phone calls with great patience and understanding. Samantha “talked me off the ledge” when my anxiety felt crushing numerous times. Jason took the mystery out of the appeals process and prepared me to be successful at the hearing.

More than anything, Jason’s expertise in SSDI turned the denial I received filing on my own into a big success. I can now make medical decisions based on my need rather than money. Jason’s knowledge of the process was invaluable to me. I could not have done it without him.

Expertise. Professionalism. Compassion. Success. Four great reasons to reach out to Levine Benjamin, Jason Steinhelper and Samantha. My heroes for SSDI.

Satisfied Client

“Mr. Bimberg’s office is absolute the BEST customer service I’ve ever received! I would send an e-mail and literally within minutes I would get a phone call answering my questions. I highly recommend this attorney and staff for anyone who is applying for disability. Thank you!” – Mary G.

Mary G.

“Joe Houle and his team, and Don Busta and his team, were amazing and won my case! They really cared about my health and my situation and wanted to ease my burden…Maurice Jones helped me navigate my Medicare stuff…and took a huge weight off my shoulders. I have rare conditions, and one of my meds costs $100,000 a month. Without them winning me benefits, I could have gotten really sick or died. They saved my life! Guys, keep up the hard work! You are making a difference and changing and saving lives of really sick people like me—and our families. I will be eternally grateful for you all!”

Hannah M. on Google

“Highly recommend!! They managed my disability application, and they were superb!! Every call I made was returned with an explanation. I was denied for disability, and the firm immediately appealed the decision. Once the hearing was scheduled, they informed me of what I needed to do and know. I was very impressed with the professionalism. Yet (they made me feel) comfortable. Did I win? YES! Thanks to Levine Benjamin, I never had to enter the courtroom.”

Kelly D. on Facebook

“This was a very stressful time in my life, being injured and not knowing what the future had in store for me. Thankfully Gary Bimberg and his staff were always there to support me…It is comforting to be able to talk to someone about your case when you have a million questions going through your mind. My case was approved within 7 months and I give credit for that to this firm, as they know exactly what is needed on the disability application.

Matter of fact, several of my co-workers were clients of Levine Benjamin and all were approved. So I say to ALL, don’t go it alone, let this firm handle your case.”

“Rousosr GL 1800” on Google

“From the beginning of my case to the end, I was given attention and understanding. So much was done collecting information from different places. When the time finally came for court, COVID-19, aka coronavirus, hit us, and (we) ended up having to do a telephone hearing. Claire (the attorney) never wavered. I appreciate all the work and the attention the office gave me. Thank you again for succeeding on winning my case. I feel validated and heard.

Margaret Ramirez on Facebook

“This past year, you and your associates worked meticulously and steadily to obtain a successful outcome. Thank you with all my heart! My family is now secure and sustained because of all of you. I could have never navigated through this overwhelming process without you. You help ordinary people like myself to obtain extraordinary victories.

Judi H.

“I am extremely happy with the services I received from your firm. It started from the first phone call until the end of my case. One of the major partners (Gary Bimberg) called me personally, which showed me they cared. From that point on there were constant and complete updates. I know that even if things had gone differently, I would recommend this firm to anyone. Everyone involved in my case, like Lorenzo, was very nice and professional. I would like to thank everyone there, and if there is ever another need for me, I will definitely use them. I will also recommend them to all my friends.”


“He helped me set up my Medicare. . . . (My Medicare advisor) helped me set up everything I need for the future and was outstanding. I spoke with him two years ago and he was outstanding then as well. That was when (my disability attorney) won my disability case for me.”

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