Social Security Disability for COVID-19 in Michigan

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a list of impairments that can qualify you for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Most of the medical conditions on that list have been around a long time.

So what happens if you contracted a new disease, specifically COVID-19? Can you qualify for disability income and Medicare health coverage?

Even when a diagnosis is not yet on Social Security’s list, you can still get disability benefits for any health problems that are so severe you can’t work for at least a year.

That means the main requirement for a coronavirus disability claim is showing that you have lasting damage to your health that makes working impossible.

If you’ve been harmed in the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving you struggling with new health problems, disability benefits can provide financial relief, restoring some peace and stability to your life.

During the worst public health crisis most of us have ever seen, the disability lawyers at the Levine Benjamin Law Firm want to help you.

For over 55 years, Levine Benjamin has helped over 80,000 people win benefits in Toledo, Traverse City and across Michigan and Ohio.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 that Could Qualify for Disability Benefits

Reports about COVID-19 suggest several possible long-term health problems of the type that could qualify you for disability benefits if your case is severe enough and expected to last at least a year.

Here’s one list from The Associated Press:

  • Decreased kidney function
  • Decreased liver function
  • Heart inflammation
  • Injury from blood clots
  • Injury from strokes
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Lung scarring
  • “Post-intensive care syndrome,” which includes weakness and memory problems

Some COVID-19 patients who needed intensive care also need ongoing care, including:

  • Blood thinners
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Oxygen therapy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also lists other health conditions that can make coronavirus cases worse.

Those include:

Successful disability claims often involve showing Social Security how multiple serious health problems combine to prevent you from working.

Conditions like COPD, diabetes and heart disease are already on Social Security’s list. If COVID-19 worsens existing conditions you have, you may qualify for benefits.

If you’re wondering whether your COVID-19 after-effects qualify you for SSD benefits, you can get a disability lawyer from Levine Benjamin to take a look at your situation and let you know where you stand.

The conversation is free. And you don’t pay an attorney fee until you win benefits.

Evidence You Need for a COVID-19 Disability Claim

As with any claim for Social Security Disability benefits, with COVID-19 you’ll need to provide Social Security detailed records about your illness.

This evidence includes:

  • Medical test results
  • Prescription lists
  • Records of hospital stays
  • Reports from your doctors
  • Statements from others about your daily functioning
  • Treatment plans
  • Treatment results
  • X-rays and other medical imaging

This is a difficult time in your life. And it’s a difficult time for health care providers. You can go easier on yourself by getting a disability attorney to gather and organize the medical evidence you need for a disability claim.

An SSD lawyer knows what you need to meet all the requirements for financial assistance.

Let us help you take care of your physical health and economic security during one of the most difficult periods in your life.

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