Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Disability Denied

Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Disability Denied? Don’t Appeal On Your Own.

Your long-term disability (LTD) insurance policy—maybe you have it through your job—is supposed to give you a sense of security in the event that health problems force you off work and you need financial help.

But do you have a policy through Mutual of Omaha, and when you needed it, they left you in the cold?

This happens in two major ways:

  • You filed a claim but were denied.
  • You’ve been receiving LTD benefits, maybe for years, but got cut off.

It makes you mad. It sticks you with a financial crisis.

But it’s important to take a pause here. Your denial letter from Mutual of Omaha long-term disability may make it sound like you should shoot off another letter to appeal this rejection.


You should appeal, but you likely have limited chances. Once you send a frustrated letter, you may already have used up one appeal. You need to take this moment to gather and present new medical evidence, legal arguments and more.

Avoid costly mistakes by getting a long-term disability lawyer to step in and fight back.

People in Michigan go to Levine Benjamin Law Firm disability lawyers.

Their mission is turning denials into approvals for someone like you, who just needs the financial safety that you’ve already worked hard for.

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What You Can Get By Appealing Your Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Disability Denial

When Mutual of Omaha denied your long-term disability, and you’re ready to fight this LTD denial, you’ll be looking for one of these outcomes:

  • Approval of your benefits if you were denied up front
  • Reinstatement of benefits you were already receiving before they were terminated
  • A cash settlement

A settlement would typically only happen after you’ve exhausted the insurance company’s own appeals process, and you need to file a lawsuit to keep pushing for a better result.

Under most policies provided through employers, which are subject to the federal ERISA law, taking your case to court means filing a lot of documents, but not going to court in person.

Mutual of Omaha and other long-term disability insurance companies may be counting on the idea that you’ll see their rejection letter, get intimidated by the legwork and the process, and just give up.

Don’t let them off so easily, because the income support that long-term disability insurance is supposed to provide can make a major difference in your life, providing peace and security for years to come.

It’s time to advocate for your own needs and the fullest benefits.

Do you need to know more before moving forward? You can have an introductory conversation with a Levine Benjamin Michigan long-term disability lawyer free of obligations or charges.

Flags to Watch After a Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Disability Denial

Watching how long-term disability insurance carriers operate over the years, the Levine Benjamin disability lawyers have seen the traps and tricks that can damage your claim.

Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Be careful about buyouts or settlements that the long-term disability insurance company brings to you.
  • Be careful about working with Social Security Disability representatives that they offer you.
  • Understand how different types of disability benefits affect each other.

When they approach you with a lump-sum settlement, it’s because it benefits them.

Get your long-term disability attorney to make sure any agreement you make, first and foremost, benefits you.
Most employer-based ERISA policies will require you to apply for Social Security Disability benefits through the government in addition to your LTD coverage, and the insurance company may send you a representative to help with that.

But you should know: That “representative” is an agent of the insurance company watching out for their interests, not yours. If you have a lawyer, your lawyer’s top priority is you.

And you need to be aware that when you get Social Security Disability benefits, the LTD insurance company will offset some of their payments by the amount you receive from the government.

Social Security Disability is generally harder to get up front than long-term disability, but once you have it, it’s likely to stay in place without interruption. LTD, on the other hand, may be easier to get at first, but then insurance company immediately starts looking for reasons to drop you.

Levine Benjamin disability lawyers can help with both Social Security and long-term disability.

They’re your guide to a more secure circumstances after your life is interrupted by medical problems.

How a Long-Term Disability Lawyer Helps You

Unless you worked in the insurance industry, you have no reason to know the ins and outs of long-term disability law. You’ve probably never dealt with anything like this before.

Long-term disability attorneys have the training and experience to handle this fight. You can get one working for you, and you pay no attorney fee until you secure your benefits.

A lawyer does all of this, and more:

  • Scrutinizes your insurance policy to pinpoint how your claim should really work
  • Helps you manage the dozens of forms you may need to fill out
  • Makes sure you get the medical evidence that strengthens your claim
  • Keeps you on top of deadlines (you have a short window to appeal)
  • Negotiates with the insurance company
  • Sometimes, gets the insurance company to pay your benefits faster
  • Takes your case to court, if needed

Levine Benjamin Law Firm has a long-term disability lawyer with two decades of background in the law, a record of helping thousands of people, and experiences and insights into how well-known insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha function.

Attorney Don Busta focuses on helping individual people go up against big insurance companies. It’s easy to feel powerless in a situation like this. Don empowers you.

He’s available to help people in Detroit, Warren, Oakland County, Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Traverse City—really every corner of Michigan.

If you’re struggling with Mutual of Omaha long-term disability coverage, talk to the Levine Benjamin disability law team to get reinforcement for your claim, win financial relief, and move forward with more confidence.

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