If you’re struggling with health and financial problems in the Upper Peninsula, our disability attorneys for Michigan's Upper Peninsula can help you regain financial control.

If you’re struggling with health and financial problems in the Upper Peninsula, our disability attorneys can help you regain financial control.

Disability Attorneys for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

When you live in the Upper Peninsula and you get hit with injuries or other health problems that lead to money problems, it’s hard. Maybe you worked in mining, timber, tourism or another part of the Upper Peninsula economy. Now you’re worried about where your life is headed.

Payments from Social Security Disability or long-term disability insurance would help you regain financial control and reclaim your life.

But all these benefits have their own complicated legal procedures. They can be difficult to get.

The lawyers from Levine Benjamin Law Firm can help. We take time to personally understand your health impairments and your case for benefits. If you have a Social Security Disability case, we’ll even help with your initial application.

Levine Benjamin has helped more than 80,000 people—hardworking people and military veterans—win disability benefits since 1964. We’re the largest Social Security Disability law firm in Michigan.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

What would you like to do?

You and your case can benefit from the experience of the local disability attorneys at Levine Benjamin.

Why You Should Get a Michigan Attorney

You might run across some national law firms that send people in to handle your case.

But when you live in the Upper Peninsula, you want a Michigan lawyer.

Here’s why:

  • We know the local doctors you’ll need to see for your claim.
  • We know the local Social Security offices.
  • We know the employers and long-term disability insurers in our area.
  • We treat you like our neighbor—because you are.

No matter the type of case you have, at Levine Benjamin, we’ll evaluate your situation for FREE.


The disability attorneys at Levine Benjamin know the local legal system and the local resources available to you.

Upper Peninsula Disability Judges Are Tough

When your Social Security Disability case goes to the level of a hearing with a judge, you’re up against a difficult system.

Numbers from early 2018 showed how tough the judges can be:

  • It took an average of 19 months to get a hearing with a Michigan judge.
  • Michigan judges approved benefits 50% of the time.
  • It took an average of more than 20 months to get a hearing with a Wisconsin judge.
  • Judges in Milwaukee who handle Upper Peninsula cases only approved benefits 41% of the time.

With so many people getting turned down, it makes sense to get an experienced law firm to help you apply or appeal for disability benefits. And no firm in Michigan is bigger or more experienced in Social Security Disability cases than Levine Benjamin.

Statistics from Social Security have even shown that you’re more likely to win disability benefits when you have a lawyer.

If you live in the Upper Peninsula, and you can’t work, call Levine Benjamin. We’d like to help.

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