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Going through the process of getting Social Security Disability benefits can be intimidating. But you’re not on your own if you’re working with Michigan disability lawyer Shelby Roberts.

She guides you, supports you, and takes over the legwork of applying for disability benefits or appealing a denial for you—so you can be reassured that your disability claim is on track.

It’s a great relief to win disability benefits, which provide monthly income and eligibility for Medicare when you have to stop working due to health problems.

Shelby understands what this is like. Growing up, she saw in her own family how disability benefits can be an important lifeline during difficult times.

Now she dedicates her legal career to the same mission of service to people in need shared by all the Social Security Disability lawyers at Levine Benjamin Law Firm.

In Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids, all of Michigan and in Ohio, talk to Levine Benjamin when you can’t work and need financial stability.

You only pay a fee for a Levine Benjamin disability attorney when you win benefits.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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From applying to appealing, Levine Benjamin attorney Shelby Roberts will help you every step of the way.

A Michigan Disability Lawyer with the Right Values for Your Case

This may be one of the most vulnerable times you’ve ever experienced—your health is weaker, your income has stopped, your household budget is breaking down. You wonder how you’re going to make it.

In a time like this you need—and deserve—caring, respectful support. Disability attorney Shelby Roberts knows.

Her father was an iron worker. He got hurt at work when Shelby was a 1-year-old. He had to leave work.

Her parents were raising four children at the time. Her mom had always stayed home to care for the kids, so when her dad was injured, the whole family’s income stopped.

Shelby heard from her family how stressful it was to deal with the Social Security Disability system. She also saw firsthand how they relied on these benefits. Benefits, by the way, that you earned by working and paying into Social Security.

“I became a lawyer to put myself in a position to help as many people as I could,” she said. “Helping people who are struggling physically, mentally and often financially motivates me to work as hard as I can.”

Her role includes evaluating cases when people first call the law firm, helping people navigate the disability benefits process, preparing documents in advance of disability hearings with administrative law judges, and representing people in their hearings.

The government process to get benefits can feel indifferent to your needs. Shelby makes sure you get the individual, personal attention that you should.


Get an attorney dedicated to helping you when you need it the most—one like Levine Benjamin attorney Shelby Roberts

Detroit Disability Lawyer Shelby Roberts: Background

Shelby Roberts is a Michigan-educated Social Security Disability lawyer. She went to college at Michigan State:

  • Bachelor of Science 2016—Michigan State University-Lyman Briggs College
  • Bachelor of Arts 2017—Michigan State University
  • Juris Doctorate 2021—Michigan State University College of Law

She’s a member of the State Bar of Michigan and the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR).

Whenever she can find spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, teaching tennis and hiking. She has hiked the Grand Canyon and mountains in Colorado.

Shelby also donates money, supplies and volunteer time to animal shelters. Her dog Scout is a rescue.

Whether Shelby is your Social Security Disability lawyer, or you work with another attorney at Levine Benjamin, you can always start by getting a free consultation from us about your options for disability benefits.

Let us help you move forward to better times.

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