Did Hartford Long-Term Disability Insurance Deny Your Benefits?

If you bought individual long-term disability insurance through a company like The Hartford—or you paid for a policy through your job—you thought you were getting a financial safeguard in the event that medical problems halt your income.

Then one day, when you need those benefits to survive, you get turned down. It’s devastating.

But, you have options.

If you know how to respond to the insurance company’s arguments, you can reverse your denial.

And having a lawyer who understands the tactics of The Hartford and other insurance companies can help you get the financial support you need, so you can move on with your life.

The Hartford is a large, national company based in Connecticut. Many people in Detroit and Michigan have it for their long-term disability insurance.

At Levine Benjamin Law Firm, we have years of experience with cases involving The Hartford.

We’ve seen their methods.

We know how to fight back.

If My Benefits Were Denied, Can I Appeal?

When any insurance company denies your claim, you can—and should—appeal the decision.

We often see people winning benefits when they appeal.

To succeed with an appeal, you must provide strong medical evidence that counters the arguments the insurance company experts used to deny your claim.

Sometimes the insurance company will tell you all you have to do when you appeal is write a letter.

But that’s not enough.

You need to get a follow-up appointment with your doctor and a fresh report of your health status to show why the insurance company’s reasons for denying you were wrong.

A Levine Benjamin lawyer can help you build your appeal.

You don’t pay anything to talk to us about your case. And you don’t pay an attorney’s fee until you win.

: A couple sites on a couch looking at a laptop. Get an attorney dedicated to helping you when you need it the most—one like Levine Benjamin attorney Caroline Gersch.

Sometimes long-term disability insurance companies end your benefits by switching to a different definition of disability.

If My Benefits Were Terminated, Can I Restore Them?

A common practice among insurance companies is to pay you benefits for a while—often two years—and then terminate your benefits, saying you could go back to work even though you know you can’t.

The reason they awarded you benefits at first was that they held you to a different, more forgiving standard.

As long as your health kept you from doing the same job you had before—what the insurer calls your “own job”—you qualified for benefits.

Then they changed it on you.

Now, your insurance company says, you only qualify for benefits if you can’t do “any job.”

Any job can mean anything that exists in the economy. The job doesn’t have to be equal to your background or experience. It doesn’t matter to them if the job would pay less than you made before.

When an insurance company does this to you, you need a new assessment from a vocational expert on whether you truly could go back to work at all.

Working with a Levine Benjamin lawyer helps you gather all the elements you need to take on the insurance company and win.

Hartford Long-Term Disability Insurance in Detroit: A lawyer can protect your rights under your policy.

A lawyer can protect your rights under your long-term disability insurance policy.

Standing Up For You

If The Hartford—or any long-term disability carrier— is refusing to cooperate with you, you need to protect your rights under your insurance policy.

You paid for this coverage. It’s supposed to be there when you need it.

But the insurance company’s No. 1 goal is making a profit, not paying your claim.

The insurance company isn’t your partner. It’s your adversary.

At Levine Benjamin, we stand up to them, so you get the maximum benefits you’re owed.

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