Does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Qualify For Disability?

Almost any job requires you to use your hands extensively. For much of your working life, you might take that for granted. That is, until your hands become weak and pain takes over. You may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

This condition can be debilitating enough to stop you from working. When that happens, monthly checks from Social Security disability can help you get by.

But winning disability benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome is difficult because many people can keep working with the right treatment.

Having skilled representation could make all the difference when you’re making a disability claim for CTS.

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Difficulty with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Disability

Some medical conditions provide a clear case for benefits under the Social Security Administration (SSA) rules for disability claims. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not one of them.

For some people, the condition can be easy to treat. Others aren’t so lucky. But the treatable reputation of CTS makes it more difficult to convince the SSA that you need benefits.

People with carpal tunnel syndrome experience swelling that can cause pressure on an important wrist nerve. In minor cases, this might mean nothing more than a bit of tingling in your hand.

In a severe case, though, pain might shoot all the way up your arm. You might find it difficult to move your fingers or pick things up.

This makes severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome an obvious disability. In this situation, there are ways you can win benefits.

Receiving Benefits for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Under SSA rules, if your carpal tunnel condition meets or equals another condition that the government lists as a disability, you may be granted benefits.

The soft tissue injury listing, for example, could apply in your case if you’re not able to properly use your hands and wrists.

Additionally, your carpal tunnel might be a symptom of another condition the SSA regards as a disability. Arthritis, diabetes and lupus are just a few examples.

Even if you meet none of these conditions, you may still be able to receive benefits through what’s called a medical-vocational allowance. The key is proving that your carpal tunnel is severe enough to stop you from working.

Proving Your Disability

Because Social Security disability and carpal tunnel syndrome are such a challenging combination, you should know that your first application for benefits will likely be denied.

This could happen even if you have the right medical evidence proving you can’t work. It’s a normal part of the process, and you shouldn’t give up.

Most people who win SSD benefits for carpal tunnel usually do so after they file an appeal.

A Social Security disability attorney can really help with this process.

Medical evidence is the most important factor in receiving Social Security disability benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome, and an experienced attorney can get your medical evidence in order.

Your doctor can run several tests to confirm a CTS diagnosis. Documentation from your doctor saying you cannot engage in certain forms of physical activity makes a big difference in your case.

If you apply and are denied benefits, read your denial letter carefully to understand the SSA’s reasoning. Then look for an experienced Social Security Disability attorney right away.

Get Help with Your Carpal Tunnel Disability Claim

Hiring a lawyer improves your chances of winning benefits, according to data from the SSA itself.

With a little patience and the right legal help to bring all your documentation together for an appeal, you still could collect SSD benefits and get relief from your financial worries.

At Levine Benjamin, our Social Security disability lawyers have extensive experience in helping people with disabilities gain SSD benefits.

Applying for these benefits on your own is a major undertaking and uphill battle. Our attorneys know the system and ease the burden on you.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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