Social Security Disability for Cerebral Palsy in Michigan & Ohio

Cerebral palsy challenges every aspect of daily life.

It makes it hard to control your movements. It impairs your vision, hearing and speech. It even reduces your ability to think clearly.

Whether it’s your case or that of a child in your care, its impact includes making work impossible, or causing a child to be unable to function like other students in school.

There is hope. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a lifeline to financial relief when your situation keeps you from holding a job. It also grants you access to much-needed Medicare.

If you care for a child who has cerebral palsy, he or she may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) along with Medicaid

But Social Security doesn’t just take your word that you can’t work. You have to prove it. A seasoned disability lawyer can help lessen the pressure of proving your case on your own.

The Levine Benjamin Law Firm has come to the aid of more than 80,000 people just like you in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Toledo and across Michigan and Ohio.

Whether you’re filing your first application or appealing a denied claim, we can help you get the benefits you and your family deserve.

From Applying to Appealing, We Help You Every Step of the Way.

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Do I Qualify for Disability Benefits For Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy can leave you feeling misunderstood and frustrated. You aren’t alone. More than a million Americans suffer from its symptoms, according to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation.

You understand this started with an injury to the brain before birth—unless it was triggered by a trauma later in life.

Signs of cerebral palsy are divided into conditions that range in severity.

  • Primary conditions include a lack of gross or fine motor skills. You or your child may have trouble walking, holding a pen or pencil, or performing tasks such as buttoning a shirt.
  • Secondary conditions, such as difficulty breathing or controlling normal bodily functions, may be present as well.
  • Associative conditions can include mental impairment, seizures, trouble hearing or seeing, or challenges speaking clearly.

A conversation with our disability lawyers at the Levine Benjamin can help you decide whether your case or your child’s case qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. It costs you nothing to contact us for a consultation.

How a Trusted Disability Attorney Helps You Win Benefits for Cerebral Palsy

Social Security recognizes cerebral palsy as a debilitating condition that can keep you from working. But they don’t make it easy. To win your claim you must prove that:

1) Your lack of motor function in two extremities is severe enough to keep you from standing up, balancing while standing or walking, or it limits the use of your upper body.

2) OR it challenges your ability to

  • Understand, remember, or apply information
  • Interact with others
  • Concentrate or persist in tasks
  • Manage yourself and adapt to new situations

3) OR it interferes with your ability to communicate by impairing your speech, vision or hearing.

An experienced disability lawyer can ease the burden of collecting the intense and complicated documentation of cerebral palsy to gain disability benefits.

At the Levine Benjamin Law Firm, we can do the legwork of:

  • Talking to your doctors to get the full picture of your condition
  • Collecting descriptions of your symptoms from people who know you
  • Outlining your treatment plan and how you’re responding to it
  • Gathering the medical records, such as tests and medical imaging, that show what you are up against every day

If your claim is denied, our experienced disability lawyers can also help reframe your case and guide you through the appeals process with your best interests in mind.

Levine Benjamin Law Firm has been helping people gain disability benefits for 60 years in Michigan and Ohio. We have helped so many clients get the help they deserve that we are the largest disability law firm in the region.

Let us help you win back the independence and financial well-being that will bring comfort to you and your family.

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