Does PTSD Qualify For Disability In Detroit?

You witnessed or lived through a tragedy or disturbing event. Now it’s all you can think about. You have extreme stress. You have daily flashbacks. The symptoms are so severe, they keep you from working.

You shouldn’t have to face a financial crisis, too.

Social Security Disability (SSD) checks can help you steady your life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common for those who survived an accident, crime or natural disaster. It’s also common for combat veterans. It’s a normal response to experiencing something terrible.

Symptoms include constant fear or anxiety. You can have flashbacks when you encounter “triggers” such as sights, sounds or smells that remind you of the traumatic moment.

Disability benefits mean you don’t have to fend for yourself. You also don’t need to fend for yourself when you’re applying for benefits.

It’s a complicated process, but the experienced lawyers at Levine Benjamin Law Firm stay with you at every step, helping you get disability for PTSD.

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Does My PTSD Case Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a “blue book” of impairments outlining the PTSD symptoms you can show to qualify for disability benefits. These include:

  • Reliving your trauma through extreme nightmares, flashbacks, or memories
  • Experiencing mood disturbances
  • Having stress that interferes with daily activities, including:
    • Hyper-alertness
    • Avoiding situations that remind you of your trauma
    • Sleep issues
  • Difficulty concentrating, processing information and interacting with others
  • Behavior problems and negative impacts to your social life

Additionally, anyone who files for Social Security must prove:

  • Your condition is expected to last at least a year.
  • Your health problems prevent you from doing the work you used to do.
  • You can’t do any other work, either.

How Levine Benjamin Helps You Build a Strong Claim

Most people don’t understand mental illness conditions like the one you’re going through.

At Levine Benjamin, we listen to you and take time to understand your situation.

While you focus on your well-being, we handle all the legwork of applying for disability for PTSD, including:

  • Collecting your medical and psychiatric records
  • Gathering your work and education history
  • Pulling your salary history
  • Filling out all of the forms you need when applying or appealing
  • Preparing you for a hearing with an administrative law judge if you’re initially denied

Social Security Denies Most People, but You Can Increase Your Odds

The disability system puts you through a lot to prove you need benefits. A large majority of people get denied when they first apply.

But one government report found a clear way to increase your chances when you appeal your denial in a hearing: Bring a representative like a lawyer with you.

In fact, people with representatives were almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits by a judge.

You might worry about affording legal fees while you’re trying to make ends meet without a paycheck. But at Levine Benjamin, you pay no fee until you win benefits.

Even then, our fee comes out of a percentage of your back benefits, not your future disability checks.

We’re proud to help people struggling with PTSD in Toledo, Traverse City and across Michigan and Ohio reach better times in their lives.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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