Get help paying for the medical treatment you need: How to choose the right Medicare Advantage plan in Detroit.

Get help paying for the medical treatment you need: Levine Benjamin insurance advisors help you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan.

How to Choose the Right Medicare Advantage Plan in Detroit

First health problems complicated your life. Then you qualified for Social Security Disability income. You’ve made it a long way.

But without a job, you might be uninsured and unable to pay for the medical treatment you need.

Here’s a solution: You can get a Medicare Advantage health insurance plan after two years of disability eligibility.

Your next question: How do I pick a Medicare Advantage plan?

Even under the best circumstances, nobody likes shopping for insurance. It’s confusing. Of the options in front of you, it’s hard to tell what’s best.

But you can get guidance from an expert. Insurance advisors at Levine Benjamin Law Firm will help you find the Medicare Advantage plan that’s right for you.

What would you like to do?

Make sure the services you need are covered by your Medicare health insurance plan.

How to Choose Your Medicare Advantage Plan

When you’re picking a Medicare Advantage plan, the most important factor to consider is which services you need.

If you have expensive prescriptions, for example, you want a plan that covers that. If you typically get medical treatment as an outpatient, avoid a plan that only covers hospitalization. If you might need to check into a hospital, avoid a plan that only covers outpatient care.

These are the basic plans:

  • Medicare Advantage: Also called “Part C.” Private insurance companies approved by Medicare run these plans, which cover both hospitalization and outpatient care.
  • Medicare Part A: Covers hospitalization, along with home health, hospice and nursing home care. You don’t have to pay any premium as long as you’ve paid taxes for 10 years.
  • Medicare Part B: Covers doctor visits, laboratory tests, mental health care and more. This plan charges a premium.
  • Medicare Part D: Covers prescription drugs. Like Medicare Advantage, it’s provided through Medicare-approved private insurance companies.

Remember: This doesn’t have to be a one-time decision. You can change plans later if you need to.

Evidence from your disability claim can help you fight a denial of Medicare health coverage.

What If Medicare Denies My Claim?

Sometimes Medicare refuses to pay for the health care services you expected.

When this happens, you can appeal.

There are five levels of appeals. At Level 3, a judge hears your case. You have to wait at least 90 days to have your case heard by an administrative judge, sometimes longer.

Having coverage denied is why many people call a disability attorney when appealing for Medicare coverage. You can use strong Social Security Disability medical evidence proving you can’t work to successfully fight a Medicare denial.

At Levine Benjamin, our Medicare Advantage insurance advisors and Social Security Disability attorneys fight hard to ensure you receive the disability benefits and Medicare health coverage you’ve earned.

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