What Are the Biggest Social Security Disability Myths?

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When you’re too sick to work, it feels like your life is spiraling out of control. It leaves you hurting and confused about what to do.

You know Social Security Disability benefits can be a lifesaver for someone in your position. The monthly checks provide crucial financial stability when you need it most.

But you hear things about how hard it is to get these benefits, or about people who won disability income but don’t even deserve it. Friends and neighbors tell you stories. They may want to help, but it’s understandable if you’re nervous.

At Levine Benjamin Law Firm, we’ve been helping people in Toledo, Traverse City and across Michigan and Ohio since 1964.

We know what’s important and what’s not for your disability application. We know the system and how to navigate it.

Keep reading to see the biggest myths we hear about disability income—and what the truth actually is.

From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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5 Social Security Disability Myths

No. 1: If I Get Denied, That’s It.

This is far from the truth. In fact, most applicants are denied on their first attempt, but it’s not over

There are many reasons your claim could be denied, from simple clerical errors on the part of the Social Security Administration to inconsistencies in your medical evidence.

But the most important part? You can appeal a denial.

In fact, Social Security has a multi-level appeals system with chances to win your benefits at each level. Your best chance comes at a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ), which is your only chance to plead your case in person.

No. 2: I Can’t Work At All if I’m on Social Security Disability.

This notion makes sense, as Social Security Disability is meant for people who are too sick to work.

The truth? You can hold a part-time job and still get benefits as long as your earnings aren’t too high. A disability lawyer can help you understand the specific details of your situation to figure out if you could still work and be eligible for benefits.

No. 3: Many People Get Social Security Disability Even When They Don’t Have a Disability.

Much more likely, the opposite is true. People who need and deserve benefits too often can’t get them. Social Security can be harsh in deciding when to award benefits.

You might hear people talk about someone they know who gets benefits but seems healthy. Most of the time, there’s more to their story than you realize. Not every serious impairment is easy to see. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Maybe you’ve seen something in the news about somebody who cheated the system. That’s extremely rare.

No. 4: You’ll Have to Wait a Long Time on Your Benefits, No Matter How Severe Your Condition.

Also incorrect. While it can take a long time to be approved for benefits, Social Security has a compassionate allowances list for severe, life-threatening conditions. Those conditions can move you to the front of the line to get the benefits you need more quickly.

No. 5: If I Go Back to Work and Then Have to Stop Working Again, I’ll Have to Reapply.

In reality, if your health problem relapses after initial recovery, you won’t have to reapply as long as you’re within five years of originally getting disability benefits.

Social Security also has a program that lets you go back to work on a trial basis, to see if you’re healthy enough to stay at work, and hold on to your benefits in the meantime.

You have to remember: Social Security wants you to try to go back to work if possible. So they leave an incentive there, to encourage you to try working without worrying you can’t get quick reinstatement if the same disability persists.

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One More Myth: I Don’t Need to Work with a Disability Lawyer.

It might sound like an unnecessary expense. But getting a disability attorney to help with your case might be the easiest call you can make.

Remember, the system is complex and sometimes baffling to outsiders. An experienced disability lawyer will know what to do. They know the people in the system and most importantly can give you the best chance to win benefits

The best part? Disability attorneys generally won’t charge you anything unless you win your claim. After that, their fee comes out of your back benefits, which is a lump sum Social Security gives you to cover the time you waited on a decision.

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