Did Prudential Long-Term Disability (LTD) Deny Your Benefits in Michigan?

It’s all too common to have your long-term disability denied, or existing benefits terminated, by an insurance company like Prudential.

They may make you feel like there’s nothing much more you can do.

Don’t let them get away with it.

If you fight back, you can get your benefits reinstated and continue supporting yourself when you can’t work due to medical conditions. Or in some cases, you can get a settlement that protects your financial future.

Some of Michigan’s major employers, including Corewell Health (previously Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health), have Prudential long-term disability insurance for their employees.

When Prudential LTD insurance fails you, Levine Benjamin Law Firm is one of the leading Michigan disability law firms who help.

Our long-term disability lawyers know how insurance companies behave, and what you can do about it, so you have the support you’re supposed to receive.

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Long-Term Disability Denied By Prudential: Don’t Appeal on Your Own

The letter you got from the insurance company denying your claim or terminating your existing benefits probably talked about how you can appeal.

You absolutely can. (And should seriously consider it.)

But appealing a denial of long-term disability benefits can look deceptively simple.

That letter from an insurance company like Prudential might not tell you that if you just write them to say you disagree and want to appeal, they will count that statement as your whole appeal and say, “case closed, you’re denied.”

You must step carefully dealing with insurance companies.

Appealing is your chance to submit new evidence with them, such as a fresh medical evaluation (a much stronger move than just writing a letter back).

In fact, it may be your last chance to submit new evidence, which can both improve your chances of getting the insurance company to reverse its decision—and better position you for a lawsuit against them if the insurance carrier still refuses.

The most important thing to know is: Never appeal a long-term disability denial on your own.

An experienced long-term disability lawyer knows the traps to avoid and the process you need for a better result.

Talk to a Michigan long-term disability lawyer from Levine Benjamin to see how best to proceed with your claim and stabilize your financial life.

Be Careful About a Prudential Long-Term Disability Buyout Offer

Sometimes when a carrier is denying or terminating your long-term disability insurance benefits, they will offer you a one-time buyout or lump-sum settlement of your claim.

Always remember, long-term disability buyout offers from Prudential are on their terms, not yours.

You need to be a tough negotiator—or better yet, have a tough negotiator (a long-term disability attorney) working for you—so you truly get what’s fair.

Another thing to watch out for: Long-term disability insurance policies that you get through work (ERISA policies) will usually require you also to file for government disability benefits through Social Security.

And they’ll tell you they can provide a representative to help you with your Social Security Disability (SSD) claim.

Again, this person doesn’t represent your interests. Their priority is the insurance company’s profits.

More than anything, the purpose of these insurance-provided representatives is to track your Social Security claim so the insurance company can begin reducing your LTD benefits as soon as possible after you get SSD benefits.

Unlike an attorney that you get yourself, they have no obligation to tell you if you should be getting a better deal from the LTD insurance company.

Lawyers work under a different arrangement. They are required to look out for what’s best for you. And you pay no attorney fee for help with long-term disability until you win your claim.

Our Long-Term Disability Lawyer Gives You Power in The Process

At Levine Benjamin Law Firm, a highly experienced Detroit disability lawyer—Don Busta—will handle your long-term disability claim.

Don has been doing disability law at Levine Benjamin for two decades. He was named a partner in the firm in 2016.

He doesn’t work for insurance companies, employers, the government or any other big players.

Don is here to give every-day, hard-working Michiganders more say in the system—making sure those major institutions treat real people right.

He’s the kind of lawyer who got into this work to help people when they truly need help. By now he has helped thousands of people get disability benefits.

If Prudential long-term disability insurance is treating you unfairly, reach out to Don and Levine Benjamin’s disability law team.

You can be in Detroit, Warren, Oakland County, Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Traverse City—anywhere in Michigan—and get help from Levine Benjamin.

When you’re living with health problems, you deserve support for a more peaceful life.

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