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Social Security: Vital Protection Hidden in Plain Sight

Imagine, after working your entire adult life, you develop lupus. You suffer chronic pain and fatigue. As the lupus becomes more difficult to control, your lupus begins to affect other organs of your body. Unable to continue working due to these symptoms, you wonder how you’re going to support your family. Now imagine the relief

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Beware of Insurance Companies If Injured In A Car Wreck

Car wrecks are unexpected events that alter the course of your life. In the aftermath, you might want to call your insurance company and accept a quick settlement. But that may not be right for you. Your car wreck injuries might not heal quickly and you may face mounting bills if you are delayed returning

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When Should You Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Following an Injury on Your Job?

As soon as possible. If you’re injured at work, you should call a lawyer specializing in Workers’ Compensation right away – even though you may be receiving weekly wage loss checks and medical care. A Workers’ Comp attorney can make sure that the insurance company continues to provide you with proper benefits during your time

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Workers’ Comp For Health Care Workers

If you work in health care and you’re injured on the job, you might think you’ve got an advantage securing workers’ compensation benefits. After all, you know the health care system. You might have treated other people with on-the-job injuries. But working in health care comes with complications when you’re seeking workers’ comp: Health care

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