Costs to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Just like any other insurer, it’s the job of Workers’ Compensation claim adjusters to avoid paying what injured people deserve. This means it’s usually in your best interest to hire a Workers’ Comp lawyer to secure a fair settlement. One of the main concerns you likely have, however, is the cost to hire a Workers’ Comp attorney. Understanding these costs is essential, but in most cases, you’ll find it much more affordable than anticipated.


Just like the hurt-on-the-job benefits you receive, the cost of hiring a Workers’ Compensation attorney can vary between cases. The extent of your injury and even rules in different states can affect the amount you and your lawyer receive. Fortunately, you won’t often be in a situation where you must pay a lawyer’s fees before you receive the compensation you deserve.

This is because most legal firms work on a contingency basis when handling injury claims. A contingent arrangement means that your attorney will begin working on your case without receiving their traditional fee. It’s typically only after the case is resolved – and your settlement has been paid – that the Workers’ Comp attorney will receive their fee.

The fees that attorneys charge often range between 10 and 30 percent. The final fee is often dependent on a judge’s ruling and the amount of work that went into proving the case. At Levine Benjamin, we understand that costs are a real concern when you’re out of work. That’s why we provide free consultations to help you better understand your case and potential compensation.

Benefits of Getting a Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation

In most cases, insurance adjusters will quickly try to offer you a cash payout to settle a case. It’s important to remember, though, that these adjusters aren’t working for you. They’re working for the insurance company. And while it may seem like a good idea to just accept the injured workers’ benefits and avoid getting a lawyer for Workers’ Comp, this could end up costing you.

To start, it’s very unlikely that a Workers’ Compensation insurer will immediately offer you the money you deserve. They often take advantage of employees’ lack of knowledge of the Workers’ Comp system and Workers’ Comp law.

You have to watch out for these tactics:

  • Your employer tries to dispute whether your injury or health problems occurred on the job.
  • Your employer tries to claim that you’re an independent contractor, not an employee, which means you’re not covered under Workers’ Comp.
  • Your employer rushes you to a doctor of their choice, not a doctor who considers your needs first.
  • Your employer or the Workers’ Comp insurance company fails to inform you of every type of benefit you’re entitled to receive.
  • The Workers’ Comp insurance gives you less than your full benefits.
  • A Workers’ Comp insurance adjuster tries to steer you back to you work when you’re not fully recovered and ready.
  • The insurance company cuts off your benefits prematurely.

An experienced Workers’ Comp attorney knows how to counter each one of these moves by employers or insurance companies.

A Workers’ Comp lawyer helps you get access to benefits. And a work injury lawyer helps you get all the benefits available.

For example, you may receive compensation for costs you never even considered. If you incurred any transportation costs for traveling to the hospital and to doctor’s appointments, you can likely be compensated for these. You may even be able to receive more money if the insurer knowingly denies a valid claim.

With a Workers’ Compensation attorney on your side, you can increase your chances of getting a fair settlement.

If you were injured on the job in Michigan, talk to a Workers’ Comp attorney at Levine Benjamin Law Firm before you talk to the insurance company—so we can get your claim started the right way and put you in position for the best result.

If your workplace injury means you’ll be unable to work for a long period, you can also talk to our lawyers about Social Security Disability benefits. A benefit of talking to our disability and Workers’ Compensation law firm is that we can help connect you with multiple forms of financial relief—all with no fee until you win benefits.

Get the Maximum Workers’ Comp Payout with Help from a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

There are many steps you can take on your own to ensure you receive fair compensation after an on-the-job injury.

The most important step is immediately reporting your accident to management. If you delay, they may try to claim that your injury wasn’t work-related. You’ll also want to visit the doctor immediately and keep track of the medical records related to the incident.

You may be required at first to seek medical help from a professional chosen by your employer—an exception may be if you need to go to an emergency room. Unfortunately this may end up adding up to a large sum in medical bills.

But for follow-up and ongoing care for your job injury, it’s important to go to a doctor who isn’t affiliated with your employer, so they aren’t influenced by your employer’s need to contain costs. Your Workers’ Comp attorney can help you make sure your medical treatment makes you the first priority.

Maybe most importantly, however, is don’t talk immediately to the insurance company and give them the chance to lead you into saying something that undermines your claim.

Speak directly with the Workers’ Comp lawyers at Levine Benjamin before signing anything. Contact us now.

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