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You’ve worked hard all your life, but at some point, you may find yourself out of work due to a disability. In fact, research shows that nearly 30% of all workers will be out of work for at least 90 days at some point in their careers.

If this happens to you, your employer may offer short- and/or long-term disability coverage. So if you do become disabled, it’s important to speak with your employer’s HR department to determine whether you’re covered and the terms of your coverage.

If you’re unemployed or are not covered by employer-based insurance, you may still be eligible under other local, state or federal programs. You may also have purchased your own disability insurance policy. Either way, if you need help with long-term disability benefits, call the attorneys at Levine Benjamin today.



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What’s considered a disability will depend on you or your employer’s insurance carrier. Some insurance companies will consider your disability long-term if it will last six months. Others – and the Social Security Administration—don’t consider your disability long-term unless it’s expected to last at least one full year.

Getting long-term disability benefits can be a long process. There are many forms, and some require input from your doctor, some from your employer, and some from you.

Additionally, the burden of proof can change over time. After a set amount of time (6 months to 24 months for most policies), the definition of your disability changes, making the burden of proof much harder. This is common of the process of transitioning from Short-Term Disability Policies to Long-Term Disability Policies.

If You Were Denied LTD Benefits, You Can Appeal

Either way, if you file for Short-Term Disability or Long-Term Disability and are denied, you need to appeal by calling the Detroit Long-Term Disability Lawyers at Levine Benjamin. Just because you were initially denied, it doesn’t mean you can’t get LTD benefits in the end. But the laws are very complicated and generally don’t work in the favor of the employees – they benefit employers.

At Levine Benjamin, we can help you appeal your LTD benefits denial.

Some policies give 180 days to file an appeal, while others give as little as 60. Either way, it’s important to talk with an experienced long-term disability attorney. If your doctor has said you that you can’t work because of your health problems, and that you probably have a long-term disability, don’t wait to call us.

If you have a disability case, contact the experienced Detroit long-term disability lawyers at Levine Benjamin now.


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