Should I Settle My Detroit Car Accident Case?

You got hurt in a car accident. Now you’re dealing with the aftermath.

The insurance company sends you a dollar amount and asks if you want to settle your claim. With everything going on, you sure could use the cash. You just want to move on with your life.

Should you take the money?

Not without talking to a lawyer first.

Insurance companies often try to low-ball you. Call an attorney from Levine Benjamin Law Firm to get the full amount you deserve, so you can truly reclaim your life.

In addition to your personal injury case, we can help you maximize any compensation you should receive from Social Security Disability benefits, long-term disability insurance or workers’ compensation.

Levine Benjamin has been helping people with injuries and financial worries in Metro Detroit and all across Michigan since 1964.

What would you like to do?

Reasons to Avoid Taking a Quick Accident Settlement

The top concern for an insurance company is making money—not paying you everything you need.

Keep these factors in mind

  • Hidden injuries: Some health problems resulting from an accident don’t show up in the first days after it happens—but that’s often when insurance companies want you to agree to a final settlement. You might need prolonged physical therapy. Or you could develop long-term conditions, like migraines or depression.
  • Adjusters’ agendas: Insurance adjusters try their best to sound friendly on the phone, but don’t forget they work for an insurance company—not you. Their job is to settle for as little as possible.
  • Hidden damage: The full extent of damage to your vehicle may not be immediately obvious.
Should I settle my Detroit car accident case? After a collision, the insurance company doesn’t work for you. Levine Benjamin does.

After a collision, the insurance company doesn’t work for you. Levine Benjamin does.

Get Help with Your Auto Accident Case

If you talk to an insurance adjuster before you talk to an attorney, you might end up walking away with pennies on the dollar.

An adjuster might offer you enough to cover your current medical bills, but they’re unconcerned about future costs you’ll have to pay thanks to the crash.

Don’t fall for their tactics.

Don’t sign or say anything before talking to an experienced personal injury attorney from Levine Benjamin.

The insurance company doesn’t work for you. We do.

Our mission is to get you the maximum compensation possible, so you can put your accident behind you.

You pay nothing for us to provide a free evaluation of your claim.

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