Applying for Disability Benefits during the Pandemic in Michigan

When you can’t work because of serious health problems, it turns your life upside down.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic happens, and everything else gets disrupted, too.

Can you still apply for Social Security Disability benefits when so much of the world isn’t normal?

The answer: Yes.

The disability system continues to function, with a few changes. And if you’re unable to work for the long-term, you should still claim these benefits, which can make your life much more secure even during an unstable period.

The disability lawyers at the Levine Benjamin Law Firm have been helping people through hard times for over 59 years. That’s one thing the coronavirus has not changed.

In Toledo, Traverse City and across Michigan and Ohio: From applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

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Social Security Disability Claim during the Pandemic

Here are the major differences in applying—and appealing a denial—for Social Security Disability during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Filing Your Initial Application

Normally you can start your application for disability benefits at a Social Security office. If your local office is closed because of COVID-19, you will have to apply online or by phone.

Appealing a Disability Denial

When you’re appealing a Social Security Disability denial and need to talk to an Administrative Law Judge, COVID-19 shutdowns could require your hearing to take place by phone.

Reviews of Existing Benefits

If you’re already receiving benefits and you reach a point where Social Security decides to check your case to determine if you still qualify, be ready to make your case for keeping benefits.

But pay attention to changes caused by the pandemic. When the virus first hit, the government put these continuing disability reviews (CDRs) on hold. Several months later, it returned to conducting the reviews.

The Levine Benjamin Law Firm gathered answers to more questions about COVID-19 and Social Security Disability.

Like we said, this part of applying for Social Security Disability is no different: You can still get an experienced disability attorney from Levine Benjamin to help you navigate the process.

We can work by phone and computer, making sure you’re safe, you have what you need for your disability application, and you don’t get lost in the system.

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Qualifying for Social Security Disability Remains the Same after COVID-19

No matter what’s going on with the coronavirus, the eligibility rules for Social Security Disability are the same:

  • You must be unable to continue working because of serious health problems
  • Your medical conditions must also prevent you from adjusting to a different job
  • You’re not expected to recover enough to work for at least a year, or your health problems are expected eventually to lead to death

You prove this to Social Security by providing evidence from your doctors and medical treatment and information about your work experiences and qualifications.

Our disability lawyers know how to collect and present this information to Social Security to give you the best chance of approval when you’re applying for disability benefits during the pandemic.

The government still denies most people who apply. That was true before COVID-19.

You can save yourself a lot of work, and get closer to disability income and more peace and stability in your life, by getting us to stand up for you.

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