How to Keep Your Disability Application Error Free

Don’t Get Stung By These Social Security Disability Mistakes

Social Security Disability benefits can make such a difference in your life—providing crucial monthly income and Medicare eligibility when you can’t work.

You don’t want to risk losing out on benefits because of simple mistakes.

But at our disability law firm, we see people misunderstanding how to seek disability benefits all the time.

We’re here to save you from that.

Read below for our “10 Don’ts” of disability applications, so you don’t get tripped by one of them.
Levine Benjamin Law Firm has helped 80,000 people over our firm’s 57 years.

We’ve done this a lot. And we can help you move from the crisis mode of serious health problems and job loss to the calm and stability provided by disability benefits.

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10 Don’ts of Applying for Social Security Disability

Our disability attorneys recommend avoiding these pitfalls that can hurt your chances of winning disability benefits:

  1. Don’t use up time wondering whether you qualify for benefits. Instead, get a free evaluation on your situation and find out where you stand right away. The sooner you apply for benefits once you can no longer work, the better.
  2. Don’t get scared away by stories of how hard it is to get benefits. We’ll be honest, applying for disability is hard work. And fighting a denial is more work. But don’t get discouraged from pursuing benefits that you deserve and that can improve your life. And with Levine Benjamin, you can find someone to support you in this process.
  3. Don’t leave anything in your disability application incomplete: Give full and complete answers on your application forms. Don’t leave out or sugarcoat how hard your health problems make it for you to work.
  4. Don’t think you can just send a note to Social Security saying you can’t work. You have to prove it. And you prove it by providing documents of your medical treatment and work background, so Social Security can’t deny that your health problems are severe enough to stop you from working.
  5. Don’t get lax in the accuracy of the information you provide. Factual errors can derail your disability claim. Take care to get your details correct. Or get help from a disability lawyer.
  6. Don’t take your medical treatment plan lightly. The way you get that medical evidence—the evidence that is crucial to winning disability benefits—is by regularly going to your doctor’s appointments and closely following your doctor’s orders.
  7. Don’t get tripped up by a doctor who disagrees with Social Security’s definition of “disabled.” Sometimes a doctor says you have a disability, but Social Security doesn’t, or the other way around. Social Security has a highly specific definition of disability. All that matters is providing the medical evidence you need to meet its definition.
  8. Don’t try to keep working significant hours. It’s possible to work a limited amount and still get approved for disability benefits. And when money is tight, it’s understandable to want to do it. But be careful, because Social Security can easily take working as a sign that you don’t need benefits.
  9. Don’t assume other people are gaming the system. People get frustrated when they think someone they know won benefits but seems healthy. We remind our clients that they don’t know that person’s full story.
  10. Don’t quit when you get denied. Frequent denials are a fact of life with Social Security Disability benefits. Appealing your denial may be the key to winning benefits.

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How Can I Apply for Disability the Right Way?

You can apply for disability on your own.

Or you can apply for disability with help from someone with experience.

This may be your first time applying for Social Security Disability, but at Levine Benjamin, we’ve done this thousands of times.

We know how to make sure your disability application is done right.

And you should know this: many law firms don’t help with initial applications.

They’ll tell you to wait until you’ve been denied and then come back.

We will help you from the very beginning, so you can be confident that early mistakes won’t stop you from getting disability benefits later.

Having a disability attorney saves you work and stress. It means you’ve got someone by your side supporting you as you go through this difficult process.

So go easy on yourself, get in touch with us, and let’s fight to get you financial relief and peace back in your life.

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