Alanna Peoples

You got hit with serious health problems, leaving you unable to work. Now you’re facing serious money problems, too. You’re under stress trying to pay for food, housing and all the medical care you need.

Social Security Disability income can help you through this difficult time. And Alanna Peoples, associate attorney at Levine Benjamin Law Firm focusing on Social Security Disability cases, can help you win benefits.

In Detroit, Toledo, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and all across Michigan, from applying to appealing, we help you every step of the way.

What would you like to do?

From applying to appealing, Levine Benjamin attorney Alanna Peoples will help you every step of the way.

Where Does Your Claim Stand?

Most law firms don’t help with initial applications for Social Security Disability. They leave you on your own to apply—and tell you to call them when you’re denied.

Levine Benjamin attorneys like Alanna are different. They help from the very beginning, looking for every chance to build a strong claim and improve your chances of winning benefits.

Whether you’re trying to determine if you qualify, you need to apply or you’ve been denied, we can help:

Get an attorney dedicated to helping you when you need it the most—one like Levine Benjamin attorney Alanna Peoples.

Learn More about Alanna’s Background

Alanna earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and history from the University of Michigan. She received her J.D. from Wayne State University.

While in law school, Alanna interned at the Michigan Poverty Law Program, the Washtenaw County Public Defender’s Office, the Free Legal Aid Clinic and Lakeshore Legal Aid. In 2019, Alanna received the Warrior Pro Bono award for providing many hours of free legal services.

Alanna is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan. She joined Levine Benjamin in 2020.

When she’s not practicing law, Alanna enjoys volunteering at her local church, exercising, walking her dog and spending time with family and friends.

You can start working with a Levine Benjamin attorney like Alanna by getting a free evaluation of your case.

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