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How to Get Disability Benefits in Michigan

On the other side of your application for Social Security Disability benefits is financial relief and greater stability after you can’t work due to serious health problems. Benefits provide monthly checks and eligibility for Medicare health plans, easing your stress and letting you focus on your own well-being. At our law firm, we talk to

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COVID-19 Stimulus Eligibility & Disability

Are You Eligible for COVID-19 Stimulus Checks if You Receive Disability? After the COVID-19 pandemic began hitting the United States in early 2020, shutting down businesses and causing great economic pain for millions, the federal government approved economic stimulus payments for Americans: $1,200 for each adult $500 for each child under 17 For individuals making

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Social Security: Vital Protection Hidden in Plain Sight

Imagine, after working your entire adult life, you develop lupus. You suffer chronic pain and fatigue. As the lupus becomes more difficult to control, your lupus begins to affect other organs of your body. Unable to continue working due to these symptoms, you wonder how you’re going to support your family. Now imagine the relief

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Fighting an SSD Denial: What You Need to Know

You’ve suffered an injury or developed a serious physical or mental condition that keeps you from working. You found out about Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and applied. Then you got denied. Before you lose heart or panic, know that it’s common to be denied when you first apply for SSD benefits. The Social Security

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