Returning to Work After a Disability

If you can’t work because of your disability, you most likely want to work. Like many people, you may consider returning to work after a period of disability or during a time of remission. If that’s possible for you, great, but others aren’t so lucky. Or, you may be unsure if you can return to work at all.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) certainly would encourage you to return to work if you’re able. However, it’s important to understand the Social Security rules and guidelines on this topic. For example, what is considered full-time work? What is a return to work attempt? When is that attempt deemed successful or unsuccessful. What happens to you benefits?

Before you make any plans to return (or attempt) to work, it’s important to consult the Social Security Administration’s handbook (The Red Book) on these topics. Here is a helpful link to topics such as returning to work, resources, and special rules.

If you have questions about returning to work, give us a call at Levine Benjamin for help.

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