Delay For Social Security Disability Hearings is Increasing

The most common question I receive from our clients is “When will my hearing be held?”

It’s very frustrating having a lengthy wait for a hearing with a judge after receiving an initial denial from the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, that wait is only getting longer.

The national average processing time for a hearing to be held after the request for hearing appeal has been filed averaged 422 days through September 30, 2014. In September 2014, the average time for that month increased to 454 days. That’s approximately a 15-month wait for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge!

The local hearing offices where we normally attend hearings at have a range of hearing waits. Fortunately, Lansing (343 days), Grand Rapids (381), Mt Pleasant (399), Detroit (414), Livonia (414), Oak Park (427), Toledo, OH (431), and Flint (452) are all below national averages.

The biggest concern for our clients and all disability attorneys is how much longer the increase in processing times will continue. Also, will the delays approach or exceed the horribly long waits experienced in the mid-2000s? Only time will tell.

If you received a denial letter from Social Security and need representation for your hearing, give our legal team at Levine Benjamin a call. We can start you with a free consultation.

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