The Importance of Working With a Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you or someone you love is suffering from physical or mental conditions that make working impossible, it may be time to explore applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. When you start to see how complex this process is, you might realize a lawyer can make it much easier for you.

The Social Security Disability program is designed to provide funds to people with disabilities and their dependent family members to help cover the loss in earning power during periods of disability. However, qualifying for disability benefits is not easy. Nor is it automatic. In order to qualify for SSD benefits, your condition must be expected to keep you from your current work for at least one full year. The Social Security Administration (SSA) – the agency responsible for administering the SSD program – must also be satisfied that you cannot work in any other occupation for which you’re qualified based on your education, training and previous job experience.

The SSA will review your medical records when evaluating your application for benefits, so it’s important to get treated by medical professionals for your mental or physical disability.


You’re not required to have representation by a lawyer or another professional when you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. But statistically speaking you’re much more likely to win benefits if you do have an advocate by your side.

Here are some of the reasons for that:


When you’re applying for benefits for yourself or for your spouse, child or parent, you might lean toward making the situation sound better than it actually is. That’s just true for all of us. Faced with limitations, we overestimate our capabilities. You might be able to objectively report your symptoms and the facts of your condition. But a big part of the SSA’s review process is determining how your condition has changed your abilities.

The application will ask you to provide examples of what you can do when it comes to everyday household chores like house work, yard work and handling financial matters. It can be hard to accept that you can’t handle as much as you once did. People who complete this questionnaire on their own often mistakenly report that they can do much more than what is realistic.


When they set out to apply for benefits on their own, most people don’t have a clear idea of what the process entails. The initial application can be grueling, taking several hours to complete even when you’re prepared ahead of time with all the information needed.

This leads to frustration with the process, so you may unintentionally hurry through the questions just to get done sooner. This can, in turn, be a costly mistake, leading to incomplete or inconsistent answers.


If you’re applying for benefits on your own, chances are good that you’ve never done this before. Even if you approach the process understanding that it will require objectivity and stamina, it is still easy to get overwhelmed, or inadvertently provide inaccurate information.

Attorneys and other professionals who specialize in helping people recover SSD benefits understand Social Security Disability qualifications because they’ve been through the process many, many times. This means an attorney can remove some of the stress from an already tough situation.


At Levine Benjamin our experienced Social Security Disability lawyers have been helping people just like you win benefits for more than 50 years. We’ve helped people with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities. When you work with us, you get the confidence and peace that comes from having that knowledge and experience working for you.

To explore whether you or your loved one might be eligible for benefits, contact Levine Benjamin for a free consultation today.


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